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Grandma Who Spent $30,000 Covering Herself With Tattoos Shares What She Used To Look Like

Grandma Kersten Tristan has become a social media star after spending $30,000 on a tattoo transformation.
Credit: @tattoo_butterfly_flower/Instagram

A grandma has gone viral on Instagram after revealing her tattoo transformation. 

Kerstin Tristan, from Leipzig, Germany, has a staggering 190,000 followers on the social media platform.

The model showcases her inkings on Instagram and OFs, where thousands admire her body art.

Despite 90 per cent of her body now being covered in tattoos, Tristan previously hated inkings.

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In a YouTube video for Hooked on the Look, the former taxi driver explained that she has ‘sacrificed’ her savings for the body art as she ‘simply couldn’t stand’ her skin anymore.

Tristan revealed: “I invested between 30,000 and 35,000 euros on tattoos.

“I simply just wanted to try something new. We all live just once and I thought that in my age something real had to come.

“When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful meadow.”

Kerstin Tristan
Kerstin Tristan has shocked her Instagram followers with her dramatic tattoo transformation. Credit: @tattoo_butterfly_flower/Instagram

To demonstrate how much she’s changed over the years, Tristan has taken to Instagram and shared images taken eight years apart.

In the most recent photograph, the grandma’s body showcases a vivid tapestry of tattoos, including an intricate butterfly and flower design adorning her head.

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Her arms are embellished with striking leopard print patterns, and intricate mandala illustrations grace her hands.

Decorative piercings enhance Tristan’s ears and nose, while she opts for more daring makeup selections, including sultry smokey eyes, vibrant lipstick, and lengthy, fluttering eyelashes.

Even her hair has undergone a noticeable change, displaying a cooler, ashy shade of blonde.

Kerstin Tristan
This is the before and after of Kerstin Tristan. Credit: @tattoo_butterfly_flower/Instagram

People in the comments section have been left wowed by the transformation, with one person saying: “You are quite a beautiful woman, but even more so with all your amazing tattoo work.”

A second person wrote: “Normally I’m not a fan of full body tattoos but that’s directed towards what I don’t want for myself. Her tattoos are beautiful and really cool! You do you!”

While somebody else said: “All the colours work so well together and it looks so gorgeous! She seems like a very lovely person herself as well.

“Good work costs a pretty penny, but it looks like some pennies were well spent here.”

A fourth person penned: “She’s beautiful and her flower tattoos are just as gorgeous. They definitely give her more of a youthful edge. I like them a LOT.”

“Wow! Proud of her. Not letting her age dictate,” another enthused.

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