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Woman Furious After Being Charged ‘Ridiculous’ Hidden Fee At Restaurant

A woman has been left furious about being charged a 'ridiculous' hidden fee at a restaurant.
Credit: @vivalablondiiie/Instagram & @vivala_blondiiie/TikTok

A woman is furious about being charged a ‘ridiculous’ hidden fee at a restaurant. 

Gigi, who is from the US, had been eating at a restaurant with two friends to celebrate her birthday.

The group had brought along a cake and towards the end of the meal, a server asked whether they wanted it cut into slices.

Gigi agreed and then she and her friends tucked into the dessert.

Moments later, they were horrified when the bill arrived at their table.

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After finding out about a bizarre hidden fee, Gigi took to TikTok to share a clip of the bill.

The post is captioned: “I didn’t know this was a thing,” alongside an embarrassed face emoji.

In the video, Gigi’s bill shows that she and her friends were charged a whopping $25 just for the cake to be cut.

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Text on the clip reads: “When the server asks if we want the cake WE bought cut, thinking she’s doing something nice for us… But it was $25.”

Gigi’s video has now been viewed a staggering 813,000 times and hundreds have taken to the comments to agree that the bill is ‘crazy’.


I didn’t know this was a thing?!? ?@BrazyBecca @Michelle Greene @Vanessa Valenbaer #ReadySetLift

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One TikToker responds: “I am curious if $25 is their actual fee or did someone just charge that amount.

“It seems crazy that’s the same price as a meal.”

Another adds: “I don’t mind a small fee but 25 is crazy.”

“I’ve worked in 3 different restaurants and they’ve never charged for people bringing their own cake? I’ve worked in fine dining too. This is new to me,” a third says.

While a fourth viewer writes: “I’ve never seen this omg.

“I served at an Italian restaurant for a year and we’d cut cakes and provide plates just to be nice.”

Cake cutting bill.
The woman has been left furious about being charged a ‘ridiculous’ hidden fee at the restaurant. Credit: @vivala_blondiiie/TikTok

But other TikTokers have taken to the comments and defended the restaurant, arguing that the price is justified.

One person argues: “It’s not just to cut the cake it’s plates, napkins, cleaning up after you ate food, not purchased at the restaurant AND bringing in food.”

In agreement, another viewer points out: “They lost out on a dessert sale as well.

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“It’s against health regulations and insurance in most places to allow outside food into the restaurant.”

Gigi has since taken to the comments, where she revealed that she’s previously worked as a server and has never heard of charging for this before.

She replies to one TikToker: “Like I said, I’ve been a server and we never had that.”

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