Jessica Biel Leaves People Disgusted After Admitting To Gross Thing She ‘Loves’ To Do In The Shower

Credit: @jessbiel/TikTok

People have been left disgusted after Jessica Biel revealed a controversial shower habit…

It seems as though celebs can’t resist creeping us all out with their shower habits.

Remember last year, when stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis all openly admitted they didn’t really bother showering?

But now, it’s Biel’s controversial shower confession that has left the internet absolutely disgusted.

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Alongside major movie roles in 2003’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and 2006’s The Illusionist, Biel shares two children with Justin Timberlake.

And as a busy mum, Biel uses her bathroom routine to take a little break from her children.

However, she’s revealed a secret habit she partakes in while in the shower, and it’s left the internet divided.

One TikTok user comments: “I got four kids I stand behind this 100 per cent since it’s the only place I have privacy.”

A second laughs: “I think it’s just called hiding from your family. That’s what I call it.”

“Jessica Biel is life goals for living in the moment and being present,” jokes a third.

“Omg I love this,” replies another viewer. “Such a mom thing to do! Gonna try it out.”

Jessica Biel on shower habits.
Jessica Biel has opened up about her shower habit, which some say is bizarre. Credit: @jessbiel/TikTok

Biel revealed that she loves to eat while showering!

She explains in a TikTok video: “I think maybe some of you know this about me.

“But I love to eat in the shower. I love to eat and drink in the shower. Shower-appropriate items like cereal or yogurt. Coffee, tea, popsicles. I know, melt factor. But safe, you know, anything drops, you’re good.”

After her initial video blew up online, Biel has made a follow-up answering the questions her revelation raised, explaining: “Guys, thanks for all these questions about shower eating.

“I’m just so thrilled everyone is so interested. I really want to start a movement, a shower-eating movement.

“I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge, and then you do your thing.”

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She continues: “The only tricky thing is that when you’re chewing, you got to keep your mouth closed because I still like to get under the water while I’m chewing, and for whatever reason, I want to open my mouth at the same time and spit water.”

“Chew, do not open the mouth, do not let the shower water in,” she concludes. “There you go, enjoy your shower-consuming.”

@jessbiel(Shower) food for thought… 🚿♬ original sound – Jessica Biel

People have been left divided on the habit, with one writing: “Yeah… Don’t know about that but… PLEASE, AGAIN, MAKE MORE MOVIES.”

Another advises: “No no food in the bathroom!!! Drinks are fine.”

While another says: “That’s very strange.”

A fourth points out that: “It’s the only place you can probably eat without having to share with kids.”

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