People Are Debating The ‘Little Voice’ In Their Head After A Man Shares That He Doesn’t Have One

Do you have an internal monologue? Well, one man is insisting that he doesn't have a 'little voice' in his head - and it's caused a debate.  
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Do you have an internal monologue? Well, one man is insisting that he doesn’t have a ‘little voice’ in his head – and it’s caused a huge debate.  

Whether you’re reading this article, typing out a text message or having a moment with your thoughts, you usually hear an internal voice.

But one man has caused a stir online after claiming that he doesn’t hear any voices.

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Kelly Marie Wheeler took to Facebook to share this viral bit of news, penning: “My husband has just informed me he doesn’t have a voice in his head.

“I always knew he didn’t dream or remember his dreams, but when I mentioned about the little voice in his head he looked at me like I’m crazy.

“Does anyone else not have a little voice in their head?”

This caused a ruckus online as it garnered over 2800 comments within 24 hours, with some people left absolutely baffled by this.

“I thought everyone had a voice… Can’t imagine peace,” says one person.

“The little voice in my head is trying to work this out,” adds another.

Another Facebook user pens: “Wait, not everyone has debates with the voices in their head also like someone narrating everything you read?”

Hand in head
Turns out not everyone has the little voice in your head. Credit: Alamy

A fourth quips. “Oh, I have a whole fantasy world in my head! Keeps me sane.”

While a fifth user adds: “I let my little voice talk for me sometimes. I thought he made sense and has some good ideas.”

But it turns out some people actually don’t have the voice in their head either.

One person shares: “My partner says he doesn’t have a conversation with himself in his head ever. Because I have a serious matter with myself I can’t imagine how it would work if I didn’t!! Men are from Mars.”

“I don’t have a voice and can’t visualise things either,” admits a second.

Another person comments: “Yep my husband is the same, doesn’t have an inner monologue or see anything other than his eyelids when he closes his eyes.

“I find it very odd as mine never shuts up and my imagination runs rife.”

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So what is this voice some of us hear? According to Healthline, an internal monologue is usually developed when children start learning language skills, as they start to use internal commentary as they work independently or take turns during an activity.

Healthline also states that childhood inner voices can also come in the form of imaginary friends.

Yet when we reach adulthood, this same type of inner speech continues to support working memory along with other types of cognitive processes and helps you complete everyday tasks.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure why some people don’t have an internal monologue, but one study published in Frontiers suggests there could be an association between dorsal pathway maturation and the emergence of inner speech in children.

Dorsal and ventral streams are the language tracts in your brain and if these develop slowly in childhood, then it may have an impact on your internal monologue.

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