Expert Gives Explanation As To Why Life After Death Is Impossible

An expert at the Santa Fe Institute has spoken out and stated that the prospect of life after death is nonexistent.
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Sean Carroll, a physicist and expert at the Santa Fe Institute, has spoken out and offered a conclusive explanation for his belief that the prospect of life after death is nonexistent.

One of the most profound philosophical questions revolves around the fate that awaits us beyond death.

Inevitably, each of us has thought about this at least once in our life, contemplating the potential existence of an afterlife.

But what does actually happen after we sadly pass and is the possibility of an afterlife more likely than we think?

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Carroll, who is also a Professor of Natural Philosophy at The Johns Hopkins University, delivered a presentation on the subject during The Amazing Meeting (TAM), an annual conference dedicated to science, scepticism, and critical thinking, held in Nevada back in 2012.

During his lecture, he gave evidence to disprove the idea that there is a possibility of life after death.

Carroll explained that concept is essentially non-existent due to the comprehensive understanding of the ‘laws of physics governing our daily existence’.

Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll believes that life after death is pretty much impossible. Credit: Freq Physics/YouTube

According to the physicist, when we cease to exist as physical entities upon death, there exists no tangible framework to explain how our existence could actually persist within our reality.

He elaborated: “That’s because there are no particles and forces that could contain the information in your brain after you die,” adding that the idea of life after death ‘violates the laws of physics’.

The professor then displayed a cartoon depiction of a ghost and quipped: “There is no life after death, despite the photographic evidence here offered,” which was met with laughter from the audience.

“That’s because there are no particles and forces that could contain the information in your brain after you die.

“There’s no way for that knowledge of who you were before you died to persist after the chemical reaction that defines your life comes to an end and I’m speaking really here about some sort of extra material spirit that would somehow be you even after your body ceased to exist.”

Carroll added that the possibility of life after death ‘violates the laws of physics as we know it’.

Sean Carroll
He claims that there are no particles or forces that can store everything you know after you die. Credit: Freq Physics via YouTube

“What you are is a collection of atoms obeying the laws of nature,” he continued.

“You are not a physical meat sack that is being driven around by a little blob of spirit energy like a soccer mom driving an SUV.

“There are electrons, protons and neutrons interacting through electromagnetism, the nuclear force and gravity.

“So the laws of physics tell us what those things do – it is not necessary to bring anything else into the equation.”

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A couple of years later, Carroll reiterated his belief in a speech after receiving the Emperor Has No Clothes Award from the Freedom From Religion Foundation for his Atoms and Eve Incompatible speech.

While accepting the award, he said: “There are even many atheists and naturalists who think we just can’t say whether there is life after death, there is no evidence one way or the other.

“So I want to tell you that we can say that there is no life after death. Sorry,” which once again showed his humorous side.

Carroll continued: “They work in such a way that when you die, there is no way for the information that was you to persist after death.

“There’s no way for that stuff, that knowledge, that set of beliefs and feelings that made you, to leave your body because it is stuck there with the atoms which are decaying in your tomb or being cremated.”

So I guess that answers the question of whether the afterlife actually exists.

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