McDonald’s Customers Slam ‘Unaffordable’ Big Mac Price Hike

McDonald's customers are slamming the chain for its 'unaffordable' Big Mac price hike.
Credit: Alamy & @sam_learner/Twitter

McDonald’s is facing a backlash from customers who have noticed that some of its most popular menu items, including the Big Mac, have faced a price increase. 

The fast-food giant is typically known as a place where people can order a bite to eat without straining their budget.

Families usually find it difficult to not swing by when travelling on the road, however, one famished customer was taken aback when seeing the chain’s prices.

Sam Learner, based in the US, visited a McDonald’s on the southbound side of I-95 in Darien, Connecticut, where he was left gobsmacked.

Taking to Twitter, the customer tweeted: “This was at a rest stop, but these McDonald’s prices are nuts right???”

Alongside the tweet, Learner attached screenshots of the chain’s array of choices, including the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with cheese, McNuggets and the Filet-O-Fish.

In a situation where you would typically anticipate paying less than $10 for a meal, Learner’s post revealed a surprising price of $17.59 (£13.69) for a Big Mac meal, which includes fries and a drink.

Even more astonishingly, a Quarter Pounder with cheese meal was priced at $17.99 (£14), and if one wished to include bacon, the cost escalated to $18.99 (£14.78).

A large number of other Twitter users were just as equally as shocked at the prices, with one person responding: “That cannot be right.”

Another user describes the cost as ‘outrageous’, while a third says: “This has to be a mistake. Maybe the $1 was added by accident. At least I hope.”

While a fourth fumes: “Fast food! Not a restaurant!? And to be honest with you, I don’t even know if I pay that much for a restaurant meal!

“Inflation is going to kill us that live right around the poverty line. I’m sad and disgusted to be an American.”

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A takeout site for the fast-food joint’s location confirmed that the prices were consistently high throughout the menu, as evidenced by a Sausage Egg Cheese Bagel Meal listed at $19.39 (£15.09).

While undeniably expensive, McDonald’s website clarifies that prices at its restaurants vary by location, as 90 per cent of them are ‘independently owned and operated by franchisees, who have the ability to set their own prices’.

McDonald's menu
McDonald’s is facing a backlash from customers who have noticed that some of its most popular menu items, including the Big Mac, have faced a price hike. Credit: @sam_learner/Twitter

McDonald’s confirms to UNILAD that while outside consultants assist in providing price benchmarking and insights, the discretion to set menu prices ultimately lies with franchisees, leading to potential variations by location.

Recent price changes could also be influenced by the overall increasing cost of living, which has impacted not only food prices but also various other expenses like bills.

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