McDonald’s McFlurry Spoon Change Outrages Customers

McDonald's McFlurry has had an update in the form of its spoon and some customers aren't happy about it.
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McDonald’s fans are fuming after the fast-food chain has announced a ‘big change’ to the McFlurry.

Over the past few weeks, the restaurant has made some exciting announcements for customers, from the Adult Happy Meal to the return of the McRib.

However, the latest statement has not gone down well…

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McDonald’s took to its social media platforms and revealed that the McFlurry plastic spoon will be scrapped and replaced with ‘paper-based cutlery’.

Apparently, this will remove ‘over 850 tonnes of plastic’ from it supply chain.

The post was captioned: “We’re making a big change…”

In the comments, it said: “That’s right, we’re cancelling plastic cutlery and replacing it with a new sustainable, paper-based material in all of our restaurants in the UK & Ireland.

“We’re doing this to remove over 850 tonnes of plastic from our supply chain a year, as part of our Plan for Change.”

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Since being shared, the post has garnered thousands of views and hundreds have taken to the comments and said the new spoons will go ‘soggy’.

One remarked: “Gonna be about as useful as the paper straws which you need two or three to finish a large milkshake.”

“Oh god, it’s bad enough trying to have a drink without swallowing half a straw with it, when it’s gone soggy. Better keep some plastic ones in the car,” added another.

While a third wrote: “Wtf are you playing at McDonald’s? First the straws fine, I carry a normal one with me in case I get a drink but I’m not carrying a spoon with me.

“You have lost your mind.”

McDonald’s fans are fuming after the fast-food chain has announced a ‘big change’ to the McFlurry item. Credit: McDonald’s

Someone else said: “I’m all for reducing plastic but for paper? Really? Have you actually tried drinking your shakes with the paper straw?

“It won’t work, the paper straws go soggy, so how you expect people to eat ice cream with a paper spoon, I’ll never know!

“Just tell people to use their own and reduce the food price or supply the wooden ones!”

However, others have taken to the comments and praised McDonald’s for trying to be as eco-friendly as possible.

“Had one yesterday with the new spoon,” one fan said. “Didn’t go soggy so why not wait to see for yourself before moaning about it.”

Another added: “I’ve tried the paper spoon and it actually works very well unlike the straws. Can you please make the straws as good as the spoon?”

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In a press release, McDonald’s addressed the latest move further.

It reads: “The new cutlery is made from resilient, renewable, FSC certified pressed-paper and is fully recyclable and compostable.

“The cutlery will be rolled out in restaurants across England and Wales from today, following a successful switch from plastic to paper cutlery in Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland in the first half of the year.

“By shifting from plastic cutlery to paper-based, McDonald’s anticipates it will eliminate 858 metric tonnes of plastic annually across the UK.

“The renewable and compostable McFlurry spoon and cutlery is part of McDonald’s commitment to lead of reducing packaging and waste and find suitable alternatives to single-use plastic as part of its business and sustainability strategy – Plan for Change.

“This includes a goal to achieve net zero emissions across its entire UK and Ireland business and value chain by 2040, alongside a target to ensure all its customers’ packaging is made from renewed, recycled, or certified sources and is fully recyclable and compostable by 2024.

“To achieve this, McDonald’s has already introduced paper-based straws, new McFlurry cups without plastic lids.”

“To achieve this, McDonald’s has already introduced paper-based straws, new McFlurry cups.”

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