Mia Khalifa Slammed Over Russia-Ukraine Post

TikTok and Instagram star Mia Khalifa is being slammed after posting a photo relating to the Russia-Ukraine crisis. 
Credit: Mia Khalifa & Alamy

TikTok and Instagram star Mia Khalifa is being slammed after posting a photo on Twitter relating to the Russia-Ukraine crisis. 

Former adult star Mia Khalifa took to the social media platform on February 25 – a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin began his invasion of Ukraine – and shared a captionless diagram of how to make a Molotov cocktail. 

A Molotov cocktail, which is also known as a petrol bomb, is a bottled-based improvised weapon that is often used during wars.

Ukraine’s military defence has called on its residents to defend the country and ‘Make Molotov cocktails, neutralise the occupier! Peaceful residents – be careful! Do not leave the house!’, as per Business Insider

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After the Lebanese-American star shared the post, many of her followers took to the comments and criticised her. 

“This is not appropriate and below you to post this,” one person wrote. 

Another added: “I understand the reason behind this but please delete this. It’s not necessary for all of Twitter to know how to make a Molotov.”

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa has been told to delete her post on the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Credit: Mia Khalifa

However, others have taken to the platform and defended Khalifa’s post, with Ukrainian followers thanking her for standing by them. 

One wrote: “Thank you for your contribution to guerilla warfare; you always in our dreams… love you.”

A second said: “OMG! Thank you for your support! Didn’t expect you to talk about resistance so directly.

“In Ukraine, we say ‘Ikoha’ [icon] about such brave women.” 

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Khalifa has continued to speak out about the war in Ukraine since posting the instructions, according to the Daily Star.

In a recent Instagram story, the ex-adult star posted a video of herself laughing, alongside the caption: “Not going the way Russia is expecting it to though, is it?”

Fighting reportedly broke out in Kyiv on February 26, just hours after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that Russia’s army was approaching the capital. 

Putin’s invading forces are believed to have surrounded the city after advancing through the border at several locations. 

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