Mother-In-Law ‘Accuses American Woman Of Being Xenophobic’ After She Refused To Eat Black Pudding

A mother-in-law allegedly accused her step-son's American wife of being 'xenophobic' after she refused to try black pudding during a visit to the UK. 
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A mother-in-law allegedly accused her step-son’s American wife of being ‘xenophobic’ after she refused to try black pudding during a visit to the UK. 

The woman explained that they were visiting her husband’s biological dad and his family after they had recently reconnected.

Taking to Reddit, the 28-year-old shared her experience, saying she ‘noped out’ of trying black pudding. 

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Black Pudding
The woman was allegedly accused of being ‘xenophobic’ after refusing to eat black pudding during a visit to the UK. Credit: Reddit

She penned: “The first day we were invited to join them for breakfast at their family home, and his dad’s wife had prepared all kinds of traditional delicacies for us. 

“Although the food was bland, I powered through most of them because I genuinely appreciated her hard work and didn’t want her to feel bad. 

“However, when it was time for us to try their family favourite, I absolutely ‘noped’ out of it. 

“I did not want to eat black pudding. I know one of the ingredients is blood, and I definitely did not want to eat blood. I refused to. It’s just gross to me. 

“My stepmother-in-law tried really hard to convince me to at least try it, as it was apparently a 100-year-old family recipe passed down through generations. 

“When I didn’t budge, my stepmother-in-law got really offended and accused me of being xenophobic.”

Users were quick to say the stepmother was being unreasonable. 

One Reddit user wrote: “I was born in the UK and love meat of all kinds. I have no desire to try blood pudding.

“And your boyfriend’s step-mother is using ‘racism’ to guilt you. She’s full of s***. You’re not the a**hole.” 

Another added: “I was born and living in the UK and I don’t care how traditional it is, or how old the recipe is. Three things I’m never eating; black pudding, white pudding and haggis.

“You’re not racist or xenophobe anymore than I am. Don’t listen to them.”

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