New Horror Film Is Being Called The ‘Best Movie’ People Have Ever Seen

Ralph Fiennes' new horror film, The Menu, has been dubbed the 'best movie' people have ever seen. Find out more here...
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A new horror film starring Ralph Fiennes is being hailed as the ‘best movie’ people have ever seen.

Fiennes, 60, is no stranger to playing terrifying characters, having played Voldemort in the hugely successful Harry Potter franchise.

Throughout his career, the Red Dragon star has garnered a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominator for his menacing portrayal of Amon Göth in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List.

And now he’s added another horrifying character to his filmography, and viewers have nothing but praise for it.

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Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult all star in The Menu, which follows a couple who visit an exclusive restaurant on an island to taste a chef’s new menu. However, not everything is as it seems.

The Menu grossed $76 million at the box office on an estimated budget of $30 million.

However, it was recently added to the streaming service Disney+ and has now found a new audience, who have taken to social media to praise it.

The Menu is genuinely and truly, one of the best f***ing movies I’ve ever seen. Holy s***. THAT was ART,” commented one user.

Someone else added: “The Menu is the best film I’ve watched in a long while. Original, well-acted, weird, and surprisingly moving. Blends horror and drama and comedy beautifully.

“Uses a single space enormously well. And keeps surprising us all the way to its last shot. Would make my top ten of 2022 for sure!”

Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes.
The Menu, starring Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy, has left viewers calling it the ‘best movie ever’. Credit: Searchlight Pictures

The Menu (2022) is the best movie I have ever seen in my life,” said a third.

While another commented: “The Menu is a 10/10, everything about that movie is beautiful. I’d definitely recommend watching it.”

A fifth person added: “The Menu movie was unexpectedly one of the best films I have ever seen in my entire life.

“Props to Anya Taylor-Joy to make such a crazy performance ever… holy christ I had a blast while watching.”

Critics seemed to have enjoyed the film too, with Rex Reed from The Observer writing: “Bizarre, original and loaded with revelatory surprises with every turn of the page.

“The Menu uses the culture of haute cuisine as a metaphor for the spit-roasted values of high society, with results that are vicious, delicious, and horrifying.”

The Menu also boasts an impressive 88% on Rotten Tomatoes – so it is certainly a movie worth checking out.

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Will Tracy and Seth Reiss, the screenwriters behind The Menu, revealed that the film is actually inspired by a real-life menu-tasting session that also happened on a remote island off the coast of Norway.

Fortunately, they didn’t go through the same traumatising experiences that the characters in the film went through, but they did explain that there was ‘something relentless’ about tasting the menus – so they decided to turn it into a horror film.

Speaking to Bon Appetite, Tracy said: “There’s something relentless about all of these tasting menus.

“You can’t leave. You’re being held hostage by a story which they’re telling for hours.”

The Menu is now available to watch on Disney+ and HBO Max.

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