Nurse Says There Are Four Common Phenomenons People Experience Just Before They Die

A nurse has said that there are four common phenomenons that people experience before they die.
Credit: @hospicenursejulie/TikTok & Alamy

A nurse has claimed that there are four common phenomenons people experience just before they die.

Julie is a hospice worker who has gone viral on TikTok for sharing her experiences from her job.

A key aspect of her role is being on hand to support terminally ill patients and ensure that they are there for them and their loved ones in their final moments.

The end-of-life nurse has prominently used her social media platform to give an insight into what people go through just before they pass away.

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In one viral TikTok video, Julie says it’s difficult to generalise what happens when a person dies, as each individual is different.

But she explains that, typically, a shift in skin colour, changes in breathing, fevers, and terminal secretions will be noticeable.

She says that these symptoms are normal and that, in patients’ dying moments, it’s better for their bodies to take of care themselves rather than have someone ‘intervene.’

Julie has also revealed that, before people die, they usually say the same thing. In her experience, patients often call out ‘I love you’ or ‘call out to their mum or dad – who have usually already died’.

Julie hospice nurse
The end-of-life nurse uses her social media platform to give an insight into what people go through before they die. Credit: @hospicenursejulie/TikTok

Recently, the nurse took to social media to share some more information about what people go through before they die – and people have taken to her comments to praise her for speaking about a difficult topic.

One person says: “I used to be TERRIFIED of death. Your page is bringing me inches to accepting it. Thank you.”

Someone else comments: “I have not experienced a loved one passing but I so appreciate what you are doing by educating. Love and appreciate your page!”

“I believe you are helping so many people,” adds a third.

In a recent TikTok post, Julie revealed the four most common phenomenons that people experience before they die.

People holding hands.
Hospice nurse Julie has taken to TikTok to share the common phenomenons people experience before they die. Credit: Alamy

First, she says that people experience something called ‘visioning’ – which is when someone starts seeing someone they knew who has passed away.

She describes it as the ‘most common thing we see in the medical field’, but says it’s also the thing she gets the ‘most s***’ for when talking to patients’ family members.

Julie shares that when she warns people about visioning, they often believe that she’s trying to convince people that there is an afterlife.

However, she is adamant that it’s a real phenomenon and that she’s ‘just educating about something that really does happen all of the time at the end of life’.

Secondly, Julie notes that people experience terminal acidity, which she says is like one final ‘burst of energy’. She explains that 30 per cent of patients experience this.

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The nurse also mentions a phenomenon called ‘the death reach’ – which is exactly as it sounds.

She says that this is when someone reaches up ‘like they’re seeing someone and grabbing someone or hugging someone’ before they die.

Finally, the hospice nurse reveals that many patients have a death stare before they die – something she claims is completely normal.

“This is not when just their eyes are open, because people’s eyes are open at the end of life,” she explains.

This is when someone is still lucid but they’re just staring off into the corner or some part of the room.

“Sometimes they’re smiling when they’re doing it. Sometimes they’re talking to someone while they’re doing it, and they will just not get out of that stare,” the nurse adds.

Julie states that it is important – as a healthcare worker – not to attempt to break the stare if the patient appears comfortable and happy.

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