What Is Prince Harry’s Real Name And Does He Have A Surname?

Prince Harry smiling
Prince Harry's full name gets very complicated (Credit: Alamy)

The Duke of Sussex is commonly known to the the public as Harry but that’s not actually his real, full name.

There’s nothing more complicated than some of the British Royals history and traditions and Prince Harry’s real name, plus his actual surname, is no exception.

Known to us all mainly as the Duke of Sussex, or Prince Harry, many who follow the stories of this complex family will be shocked to know that his name isn’t actually that.

And as if that’s not surprising enough, Meghan Markle’s husband’s last name is equally as difficult to understand, especially know he’s dropped his royal duties in pursuit of a new career and life in America.

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Here’s the full explanation behind Prince Harry’s name and surname – prepare yourselves, there’s a lot to take in.

What is Prince Harry’s real name?

In almost all households all over the UK, you’ll find people referring to Prince William’s brother as Harry, but in actual fact, he’s name is Henry.

Prince Charles’ youngest son’s real, full name is, Henry Charles Albert David.

What is Prince Harry’s surname?

Now this is where things become complicated as you may have noticed above that Prince Harry doesn’t actually have a surname.

Essentially, anyone in the royal family, who doesn’t have His/Her Royal Highness as part of their name, doesn’t officially have a surname. Only members of the family who are unlikely to have a royal title (those further down the throne line) have surnames.

It’s reported Prince Harry did use the surname ‘Wales’ when her served in the military in 2011 and was known as Captain Harry Wales.

Prince Harry smirking
The Duke of Sussex’s surname is a tricky concept following royal traditions Credit: Alamy

So what happens now Harry has stepped down from royal duties? Officially without a title, he should have a surname, right? Again, things remain complicated. It’s believed Harry hasn’t signed any documents with his HRH name since he famously stepped down in ‘Megxit’, he’s simply be signing as Harry, Duke of Sussex.

Should he want to assign himself a surname, he can use the royal family last name of Mountbatten-Windsor – a combination of his grandfather’s last name and George V’s surname for his descendants.

The royal family’s website states: “The Queen’s descendants, other than those with the style of Royal Highness and the title of Prince/Princess or female descendants who marry, would carry the name of Mountbatten-Windsor.”

This declaration also explains the royal family can use this surname when they need to, for example, for official documents.

Harry is also entitled to use Sussex as his surname as his brother Prince William does with his children (Cambridge in this case.)

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and son Archie
Prince Harry’s children are entitled to use the royal family surname Credit: Alamy

What are Harry’s children’s surnames?

Officially without a royal title, Archie and Lilibet carry the Mountbatten-Windsor surname, as stated on their birth certificates.

Meghan has also officially replaced her surname with ‘The Duchess of Sussex’ as she gained a HRH title when marrying Harry.

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