Prince William And Kate Middleton Leave ‘Glorious Prison’ For Windsor Estate

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to move out of their Kensington Palace, which has been described as a ‘Glorious Prison’.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving to a Georgian cottage that is on the Windsor estate and closer to The Queen.

Royal biographer and editor-in-chief for Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward told The Sun: “I think Wills and Kate need space to bring up their children. Kensington Palace is a glorious prison for kids… they want to be able to play football without being watched from behind the gates.”

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She added: “I think Windsor will be perfect for them, as they will have lots of freedom and they can all be at school together.”

Their new home is also more accessible for the Duchess of Cambridge’s family, as they are now believed to be only a 40-minute drive away, who live in Bucklebury Manor, Berkshire.

Her uncle, Gary Goldsmith, told The Sun that the couple is preparing to take the step in their lives.

He told the publication: “William and Kate are going to have their hands full this summer as they move home to be nearer the Queen and settle the kids into a new school. But I think they are ready for the next chapter in their lives.”

Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Children Are Set To Have ‘Names Changed’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to take up more royal responsibilities as Her Majesty starts to take a step back in her duties.

They have already proposed some changes, such as removing their titles to make them seem more approachable.

However, this claim has faced some backlash, as 67% of the UK believe this would be unnecessary since it would separate them from the Monarchy.

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