Woman Discovers Boyfriend Is Cheating After Spotting ‘Unusual’ Activity On His FitBit

Jane Slater discovered that her boyfriend was cheating when she spotted that there was 'unusual' activity on his FitBit at 4am in the morning.
Credit: @janeashleyslater/Instagram & Unsplash

A woman claims she discovered her boyfriend was cheating when she spotted that there was ‘unusual’ activity on his FitBit in the early hours of the morning. 

NFL Correspondent Jane Slater told her social media followers that the ex actually gave her the gadget and she thought it was great, as they could sync up the devices and keep each other ‘motivated’.

The 40-year-old tweeted: “An ex-boyfriend once got me a FitBit for Christmas. I loved it. We synched up, motivated each other…

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She added: “Didn’t hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4am and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app.

“Wish the story wasn’t real.”

When people read the story, many suggested that Slater had overreacted and he’d simply been up to some late-night sessions at the gym, but apparently there was more evidence.

“Spoiler alert: He was not enrolled in an Orange Theory class at 4am,” she commented.

After opening up about her ex, Slater received thousands of supportive comments from other people who had similar experiences to share.

A follower said: “Jane! My ex-husband got caught in an affair because he was wearing the training watch and heartbeat monitor my mom bought him for Christmas – while ‘running’.

“It was the under-one-minute heart rate spike that confirmed things for me! #prematuresayswhat.”

Jokingly, another added: “Been there. Didn’t find out through a Fitbit though. My ex’s physical activity would have only spiked for like 90 seconds, so it would have been practically unnoticeable anyway.”

“Called my ex repeatedly one night without any answer which was very bizarre, ESPECIALLY because it was my birthday…. I continued calling throughout the night until he accidentally picked up on his Apple watch, mid f*** with another girl from his hometown. LOL good times,” a third recalled.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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