Woman Explains Why She Made Her Husband Look Away When Florence Pugh Appeared In Oppenheimer

A woman made her husband look away during a suggestive scene featuring Florence Pugh in the movie Oppenheimer.
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A woman has explained why she made her husband look away during Florence Pugh’s racy scenes in Oppenheimer.

Christopher Nolan’s latest film is undoubtedly one of the biggest releases of the year – receiving rave reviews from critics and achieving an impressive 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Even if you haven’t got around to watching the movie, you’ve probably heard about the multiple passionate scenes involving J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) and his lover Jean Tatlock (Florence Pugh).

But not everyone who went to the cinema was able to watch it either – as one woman has explained.

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TikTok creator Jourdan Kehr explained that her husband didn’t watch any scenes that feature Pugh and Murphy getting intimate with one another.

Instead, he closed his eyes and leaned his head on her shoulder.

This situation arose due to her explanation that she experienced ‘betrayal trauma’ upon learning that he had watched an adult film.

A female follower of Kehr inquired if she had any guidance for her and her husband, who were interested in watching Oppenheimer, but apprehensive about the widely-discussed scenes involving Pugh.

Florence Pugh in Oppenheimer.
One woman made her husband look away during the Florence Pugh nude scenes in Oppenheimer. Credit: Universal

She explained: “Okay so I research everything before we watch it but especially this movie. Obviously, I heard about it, yes we wanted to see it, it has an amazing rating.

“We prepared ourselves. I didn’t know when the scene was going to happen and I also didn’t understand how the scene was happening. I thought it was just several minutes straight of…”

Mouthing the word ‘s**’, Kehr continued: “But it wasn’t, it was actually broken up into like it would be a flash of that and then it would be a flash of normal life and then it would be a flash of the scene.”

She explained in the video that although it may sound pressurising that the couple were both on the same page. She added: “It was very back and forth, so it was really difficult to avoid it.”

But Kehr said anything she and her husband do – be it a movie, concert or event – they try and have a ‘game plan’.

“We talk about things, like ‘What if you get triggered? What if I’d get triggered?’” she said.

“So essentially what we did was when the scene came up, when things were happening, he literally closed his eyes and laid his head on my shoulder.”

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A number of Oppenheimer viewers were quick to respond to the video with their own reaction to the couple’s decision.

Some people were in support of Kehr, with one user writing: “I mean I skipped the movie because of it. This was a generous response.”

Another person adds: “These responses here are odd to me- she didn’t want her husband lusting after other women, she found out her husband had been doing so, she felt upset. That’s perfectly normal.”

However, others felt like her actions were unnecessary.

One person comments: “The mistake she is making is thinking she owns him. Controlling behaviour is toxic and can lead to serious problems in a relationship. Never confuse love with insecurity.”

Someone else pens: “So he couldn’t watch the scene because of one actor right then how does she handle him when there watching TV.”

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One of the controversial racy scenes in the movie has also led to some people boycotting Oppenheimer.

The scene in question shows Oppenheimer and Tatlock shortly after an intimate exchange with one another.

Initially, Oppenheimer seems distant, but this changes when Tatlock takes a Hindu sacred text, the Bhagavad-Gita, from his bookshelf and encourages him to recite a Sanskrit passage aloud,

Subsequently, she maintains their intimate encounter while he recites the renowned line: “Now I become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

This line holds significance later in the movie when it’s referenced during the initial detonation of the atomic bomb.

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