‘World’s Most Jealous Woman’ Makes Partner Take Lie Detector Test Every Time He Comes Home

The ‘world’s most jealous woman' makes her husband take a lie detector test every time he comes home. Find out more here…
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The ‘world’s most jealous woman’ makes her husband take a lie detector test every time he comes home.

There is nothing wrong with a tiny bit of jealousy in a relationship.

Every now and then there are bound to be some sort of envious feelings if your significant other has attracted some attention from another person.

However, one woman has taken her jealousy to extreme lengths.

Watch the ‘worlds most jealous woman’ explain why she makes her husband take a lie detector test below…

Debbi Wood and her husband Steve appeared on This Morning where she was quizzed by hosts Phillip Schofield and Christine Lampard about their relationship.

“When you’ve got a good man, you’re not going to let him go, are ya?” Wood says on the show, which prompts Schofield to suggest that she might scare him away.

She believes that she couldn’t scare him away even if she tried, with her husband adding that he would already be gone if she did.

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Steve then proceeds to explain how his wife keeps tabs on him by stating that she makes him take a lie detector every ‘once in a blue moon’.

He does point out that they were usually used to make sure that he was not cheating on her.

Schofield does mention that Steve is not allowed to watch what he wants on TV due to the fact that other women are on the screen.

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Steve argues that he only watches sports – mainly Formula One – so it didn’t really bother him too much.

However, the host points out that there are beautiful women in Formula One – with his wife nodding in the background.

Schofield then asks: “Were you stopped from watching women on the television?

“You were even stopped from watching Anne Robinson?” making a reference to an article from the Daily Mail, where she confessed that he would not her husband watch The Weakest Link in case he fancies the former host.

Debbi and Steve Wood on This Morning.
Debbi Wood makes her husband take a lie detector to make sure he isn’t looking at other women. Credit: This Morning/YouTube

Wood explains to the presenters: “All women have an inner beauty, but for a man, it goes beyond that… lusting after a woman mentally.

“Mentally having some sort of intimate fantasy about them as opposed to actually just admiring that person’s beauty.”

Although, Schofield did notice some double standards by mentioning that Wood told him before they went on air that he was looking lovely.

He then asks: “Why can you do it and he can’t?”

Wood did not have a response for the presenter.

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However, there might some explanation for her jealous tendencies.

She has been diagnosed with Othello syndrome which – according to MedicineNet – is the delusion of the infidelity of a spouse or partner.

It is characterised by constant accusations and going to lengths to prove that your partner is not cheating.

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The name comes from Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, where the titular character killed his wife Desdemona after suspecting her of cheating.

It was also revealed in the Daily Mail article that Steve was seeing another woman at the same time when they first started dating.

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