Man Claims ‘Simple Mistake Cost Family $6,000 In Hotel Scam’

$6000 Hotel 'Scam': The man has claimed that a family 'lost the sum of money' due to a 'simple mistake' they made while holidaying.
Credit: @huskymuscles/TikTok

A man has claimed a ‘simple mistake meant a family lost $6,000 in a hotel scam’.

Ali Koca took to TikTok and alleged that they received a ‘scam room service menu’ under their accommodation door.

In the man’s viral video, which has received almost 2million views, he warned: “You need to be careful about this dangerous food service scam in hotels.

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The man shared a photo of a 'scam room service menu'.
The man has claimed a ‘simple mistake cost a family $6,000’. Credit: @huskymuscles

“This family was staying in a hotel, and they decided to order room service using the father’s debit card.”

He claimed that they rang the number on the menu and then placed an order. They apparently paid for the meal over the phone.

Koca continued, alleging: “They waited over an hour and a half, and no food got delivered.

“So the father called the front desk to ask where his order was, but they told him they never got an order from his room.”

After this, the man supposedly logged onto his online banking account to find that ‘more than $6,000 had been withdrawn in an hour and a half’.

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The TikToker went on to claim: “It turns out, the room service menu that they actually ordered from was slid under the door.

“This scam isn’t that uncommon. Scammers will slip a fake room service menu under your door, hoping you’ll order from it. And once you give them your debit card info, they can log into your account and take out all the money they want.”

Koca gave some advice to prevent this from happening, saying: “The best way to combat this scam is to call the front desk before you order your food, and ask them to confirm that the menu you’re ordering from is the right one.”

It’s alleged that the unnamed family stayed at a Holiday Inn Express site. However, the exact location hasn’t been disclosed.

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