Woman’s ‘Dark Psychology’ Trick To Make Men Obsessed With Her Criticised For Being Too Brutal

Anna Kristina Schmidt has shared her 'dark psychology' trick that makes men become obsessed with her.
Credit: @annakrstna/TikTok

Anna Kristina Schmidt, a woman who uses ‘dark psychology’ to make men obsessed with her, has been criticised online for being too brutal.

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty grim dating trends.

Dexting (dating solely through text message), vulturing (being friends with someone in the hopes their relationship will fail), or even zombie-ing (ghosting, then coming back from the dead every few months) have all gone viral at various points.

But now, one woman who uses ‘dark psychology’ to make men fall in love with her has taken the internet by storm.

There’s just one problem.

People are criticising her method for being ‘too brutal’…

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People were quick to criticise the ‘dark psychology method’, with one writing: “I refuse to get a partner this way. The right partner would meet me in my softness.”

While another adds: “This is good advice to get a man temporarily but not a good basis for a long-term life partnership.”

A third criticises any dating technique that relies on manipulation, adding: “Bulls*** games, a girl just did it to me one time, and I just walked away.”

Another agrees, saying: “A strong man won’t tolerate rudeness, only a weak man will tolerate that behaviour!”

“I don’t care what anyone on the internet says; you cannot have a 20-40 year partnership through playing mind games,” concurs another.

Taking to TikTok, Schmidt explained her controversial method.

Anna Kristina Schmidt
Anna Kristina Schmidt’s video has sparked a huge debate. Credit: @annakrstna/TikTok

She believes women are often too submissive in relationships.

“You forget to set boundaries, you always initiate everything, you’re always available,” she explains.

“What happens is, that push and pull, you’re pushing and he’s pulling away because he loses interest. There’s no more space for him to pursue you because he already knows he has you wrapped around his little finger.”

Schmidt explains that her method revolves around turning this dynamic on its head, saying: “Once you realise the power of rejection you can use it to your advantage.”

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“The best way to get a man is to be rude, and mean,” she reveals.

“If someone is mean to you, it triggers your insecurities and it makes you feel rejected.

“Naturally what your brain is trying to do is to be validated, accepted and get rid of the rejection.

“The opposite of acceptance is rejection. If we are rejected by someone, what we crave is acceptance.”

“The more confusing it is, the more they keep thinking about it,” Schmidt continues.

“The brain cannot logically make sense of, ‘why am I being rejected?’.

“The more the person keeps thinking about this rejection and wanting to be accepted, the more the person will be thinking of you, the more the person will be crushing on you.

“His insecurities will be triggered and he will be wanting to pursue you and chase.”

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