‘Dexting’ Is The Latest Dating Trend That Experts Are Warning Against

An expert has issued a warning against a new dating trend called 'dexting'.
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Have you ever heard of ‘dexting’? Well, an expert has issued a warning against the new dating trend.

In the world of modern dating, every situation seems to have its own quirky label.

Examples of this include you’re out with your significant other, but you can’t resist sneaking peeks at your phone every few seconds.

That probably makes you a ‘phubber’ – someone who just can’t part ways with their phone, even when they’re supposed to be enjoying quality time with their partner.

Ever had a blast from the past come back to haunt you? Well, you’ve been ‘zombied’.

Well now brace yourself for ‘dexting’. Have no idea what that is? Well, let me explain.

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‘Dexting’ is when two people constantly text each other back and forth, but they never actually meet up in person.

So through a combination of the words texting and dating, the term dexting was made up.

The name for the new trend was coined by Amanda Bradford, a dating expert and the founder of the dating app The League.

Speaking to Glamour Magazine, Bradford gave more details about dexting, saying: “It can make you feel like you are in a relationship, without having to actually do the work or spend the time required to actually form a true connection.

“In a way, it’s also safer as you’re less likely to get rejected if you don’t put yourself out there in a real way, so these relationships can ultimately last longer than in real life ones, and it’s comforting to have someone you can text vs being completely single.”

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‘Dexting’ is the latest dating trend that you should be worried about. Credit: Alamy

But what are actually the dangers of dexting? Well, it can lead you to create a false idea of who the person you are talking to rather than actually getting to know them in real life.

Bradford explains: “The psychological impact is that accepting and engaging in this dexting behaviour can cause you to form an unhealthy attachment to the idea of someone, rather than that person themselves.”

She goes on to clarify that texting is fine when it comes to building and developing a relationship. However, she insists that it ‘should not be the foundation’ of it.

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If you think that dexting is getting a bit too much, Bradford does propose that people should limit their screen time.

The expert suggests that you ‘don’t dedicate hours to a screen’ before meeting up with the person.

She also advises that you make the message exchanges ‘worthwhile’ so that you and your new connection are ‘aligned’.

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