Bride-To-Be Is Mocked For Wedding Dress Fail As It Features ‘Hideous Boob Pads’

A bride-to-be has been mocked online for her wedding dress, as it arrived and features “hideous” pads which were meant to subtly cover her boobs. 

An American woman decided to buy her wedding dress online and thought she’d found the perfect gown when she came across a $200 (£150) dress while scouring the internet. However, when it arrived it looked nothing like the photos!

The bride-to-be has since been mocked as she’s trying to sell the “hot mess” online.

The gown features long sleeves and a full, shapeless skirt, hiding her lovely figure. Despite the front being a disappointment, the back has slightly more intricate detailing.

Credit: Facebook

The biggest fail is certainly the monstrosities that are supposed to be boob pads.

The woman has now revealed she will be purchasing a different wedding dress. She’s hoping that someone else will appreciate the dress and therefore has put the frock up for sale on Facebook, reports 7News.

The bride-to-be posted a few snaps of herself wearing the dress, complete with its unflattering “boobie pads”.

Credit: Facebook

Her friend wrote the post, explaining: “She bought this wedding dress online. And it’s not exactly what she wanted.”

Many have been left horrified by the wedding dress after it was shared onto social media. Unsurprisingly, some left hilarious comments too.

One wrote: “I saw the back and thought well that’s not too terrible. Then I saw the front and realised it was a hot mess.”

Another added: “I love when people sell this stuff.

“[The it] ‘wasn’t exactly what I wanted’ – AKA it was hideous and scratchy and she totally regrets ordering it online.”

A third commented: “I was all for the back and then the front came along. Oh Lord.”

Meanwhile, another bride-to-be wrote an angry letter to the bridal company she ordered her wedding dress from, as she said it was nothing like the images she’d seen online. Yet she was left gobsmacked when she received their response.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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