Bride Was Dumped By New Husband A Day After Their Wedding Due To ‘Jealous’ Mother-In-Law

A woman claims that her new husband dumped her just one day after their glamorous wedding due to the “jealous” mother-in-law who insisted he leave her.

Jilted bride Jillian has recently shared a story onto her TikTok account, explaining her side of the story of the break up between her and her new husband.

In the clip, Jillian used the TikTok trope “put a finger down”, in which the participant shares an unusual story of theirs. In this case, she explained how her marriage ended within less than 24 hours.

After a “beautiful” beach wedding in Mexico, Jillian said things quickly turned sour when her new mother-in-law decided to hold “an intervention” for her son, in which she demanded that her son chooses between herself or his bride.

She said: “He took off his wedding ring and dumped [me] literally the day after the wedding.”

Jillian insists that her mother-in-law was “jealous” of how much attention she was getting from her son. However, these allegations have been denied by her ex’s sister who took to Twitter, slamming these “absolute lies”.

Devastated, Jillian claims she flew home from Mexico after the wedding and was then notified that her home country of Canada had been put under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jillian then explained how it was far too painful to go back home and live in the same apartment as her ex, especially as he had been banned from seeing her by his family.

When quarantine ended, Jillian approached her husband and said they should start thinking about arranging a divorce, yet she was informed that would be impossible for the next three years as he was planning on moving.

Bizarrely, she claims that her husband had decided to join a circus – it’s unknown whether or not this was meant as a joke.

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However, Jillian’s story quickly went viral and she later shared a follow-up in which she answered questions about the ordeal.

Since the story has circulated online, her ex’s sister has been accusing Jillian of lying and has insisted that she has a perfectly “healthy” family who stands by each other in their time of need. She declared the relationship between her brother and Jillian as one big mistake.

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