Elijah Wood Isn’t British And People Are Only Just Realising

Elijah Wood isn't British and people are only just finding out.
Credit: New Line Cinema & Universal Pictures

People are only just realising that Elijah Wood isn’t British.

Wood, 42, is an actor and producer who has starred in a string of films, including Deep Impact, Happy Feet and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

But undoubtedly, he is best known for his role as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as making an appearance in its prequel film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Despite his legion of fans, some have been left shocked to find out that Wood is not actually British.

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Jack Knightly took to TikTok recently to share a video listing actors he originally thought were British.

This includes Interstellar actress Anne Hathaway and Elle Fanning – who starred in the Malificent films.

He then brings up Wood, who is often mistaken for being British, specifically as he used a British accent for his most iconic role.

However, he was actually born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the United States.

Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood is known best for playing the role of Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings. Credit: New Line Cinemas

Knightly says: “This might just be because he’s an American that can do a good English accent… but I also feel he has a very British-looking face.

“Something about his overall aura doesn’t feel American.”

He then jokes that The Last Witch Hunter star resembles ‘a little pixie’ you would find in the English woods.

After the video was posted several film fans took to the comment section to express their confusion that the Green Street star is not British.

@jackknightley Any actors who surprised you too ? #britishactor #actors #americanactor ♬ original sound – SirJackKnightley

One user says: “This video is how I learned that Elijah Wood is not British.”

A second user adds: “I didn’t know Elijah Wood wasn’t English.”

A third user chimes in: “As an American, I regularly forget that Elijah Wood is not English. like I know he’s from Illinois or something, but that just does not stick with me.”

“Elijah Wood isn’t British?” asks a fourth user.

Someone else pens: “I can’t even explain it but you’re so right Elijah Wood just looks SO BRITISH.”

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As reported by Yahoo, Wood went to a vocal coach to help refine his British accent for TLOFTR – which director Peter Jackson wanted for the movies.

When auditioning for the iconic role, the actor was informed he wouldn’t be sent the script for security reasons. Instead, he was instructed to go to casting director Victoria Burrows’ office where he would read the screenplay there and then.

Recalling the experience, Wood told GQ (via The Hollywood Reporter): “Driving home… I was so immersed in the world, it was so palpable and lifeline, it really came to life off of the page.”

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