Family ‘Threatened By Woman At Community Pool For Playing Spanish Music’

A family was threatened by a woman at the community pool because they were playing Spanish music.
Credit: @esposatoxica/TikTok

A Mexican family has claimed they were threatened by a woman at the community pool because they were playing Spanish music.

A video, shared by Bianca Figueroa, showed the group in North Carolina being approached by a police officer.

In Spanish, one of the women allegedly told the cop: “It hurts me to see the inequality and racism. I will explain to you what happened, and we will leave because I understand your job; you’re an employee.”

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A Mexican family was almost kicked out of a community pool for playing Spanish music. Credit: @esposatoxica/TikTok

Presumably referring to another patron at the site, she continued: “She’s had music in English, and she says nothing.

“But we had Spanish music, and she came with a bad attitude and disconnected our speaker and tried to take it with her.”

She then told the officer that it was a white woman who had been complaining about the music.

“You know why she called you? Because I told [the owner] you’re not a businesswoman. You’re not intellectual because we are paying customers,” she said. “She should’ve come to us like you did, and said ‘please turn off your music’. But no, she came with an attitude and forcibly disconnected our speakers.”

The woman then informed everyone that she’d been threatened with legal action, but the officer interjected and said: “[I’m] leaving for you. Because I respect you, not for her.”

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Figueroa, who shared the clip on TikTok, added her own commentary to the clip, in which she claimed that the white woman had initially started her complaint by saying that the Mexican family had been acting ‘belligerently drunk’ and ‘cussing everyone out’.

The TikToker asked: “Now, do we see a belligerently drunk woman? Do we see anyone being arrested for public intoxication?”

She concluded: “No, we don’t. On the contrary, we see very respectful Mexican women defending themselves for a service they paid for.”

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