Man Challenges Viewers To Get Through Netflix Horror Movie Without ‘Freaking Out’

I See You Netflix: A TikTok user is daring viewers to watch this spooky movie with out being frightened.
Credit: Netflix

A TikTok user is daring Netflix subscribers to watch a spooky movie without ‘freaking out’.

Most of us are constantly searching for movies that will keep us awake at night, and fortunately, the streaming giant has a catalogue of horror delights.

From Hellhole – which viewers are calling ‘traumatising’ – to the frightening horror Tin & TinaNetflix has you covered when it comes to scary movies.

However, according to one person, it appears that one film may be the scariest of the bunch.

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TikToker Chad, who goes by @moviesandbuff, shared details on a thriller titled I See You – which he considers to be one of Netflix’s lesser-known treasures.

The chilling thriller is set in a small town where a number of strange occurrences take place, leading to a detective and his family being forced to investigate the disappearance of a boy.

It is directed by Adam Randall (iBoy) and stars Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets), Jon Tenney (The Closer) and Judah Lewis (The Christmas Chronicles).

I See You received a positive reception from critics and has an impressive 76% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

I See You
The Netflix thriller has got everybody talking. Credit: Netflix

The TikTok creator who self-describes himself as a ‘movie nerd’ took to the video platform to say: “I don’t give a f**k how hard or desensitised you are there’s no f**king way you’re getting through this whole movie and not f**king freaking out.

“If you don’t trust me, just go to scene 37 minutes in; let me know what you think.

“This is not a horror, it’s a thriller!”

@moviesandbuff One of the best hidden gems on Netflix !! You’re welcome. Hit me with a follow for more! #iseeyou #netflixmovies #newonnetflix ♬ original sound – Chad

People have taken to the comments section of his post to share their reactions to the film.

One viewer says: “I loved this movie.”

Someone else comments: “Yeah, it was scary. I had to sleep [with] the lights on.”

Another fan shares: “I just watched this last night it’s was CRAZY.”

“As someone who hates movies because my attention cannot be kept … this movie is AMAZING,” writes a fourth.

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However, some individuals who have viewed the film have shared opposite views.

One TikTok user says: “It was mid not gonna lie,”

“The movie was alright. Not scary at all,” another user chimes in.

A third film fan comments: “It was… meh. Not terrible but I’d never recommend it.”

I See You is available to watch on Netflix in the UK and the US.

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