Jeff Bezos’ McDonald’s Tweet Ridiculed For Being ‘Fake Working Class’

Jeff Bezos has been blasted on social media after he shared a tweet of himself eating a McDonald’s and mentioning how it was his first job.
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Jeff Bezos has been ridiculed on social media after he shared a tweet of himself eating a McDonald’s and mentioning how it was his first job.

The post had over 200,000 likes, however, the reaction has been negative, with people accusing him of being ‘fake working class’, despite his parents helping him fund the startup of Amazon.

One user commented: “They don’t just want to f*** the working class. They also want fake being working class while f***ing the working class. Jeff Bezos’s parents gave him $300k to start Amazon and [he] becomes the world’s richest worker exploiter.”

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“Wow. Your parents let you work at McD’s even though they were rich and would later stake your business?” a second person replied.

A third posted: ​​”How can someone who flipped burgers grow into a man who lives to scale sub-standard working conditions sleep at night?”

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Someone else commented: “One of the most depressing things about modern class society is the ultra-wealthy trying to act like normal people.”

Bezos, who is roughly worth $154billion, has previously spoken about his experience of working at McDonald’s.

In the book ‘Golden Opportunity: Remarkable Careers That Began at McDonald’s’, the second richest man in the world said: “I was a grill man and never worked the cash registers. The most challenging thing was keeping everything going at the right pace during a rush.

“The manager at my McDonald’s was excellent. He had a lot of teenagers working for him, and he kept us focused even while we had fun.”

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Bezos has recently been in the news for wanting a 100-year-old bridge to be temporarily dismantled so he could get his megayacht through.

The Y721 cost approximately $500million and was stuck in the Rotterdam shipyard as it could not pass De Haf, an out-of-commission path that is viewed as a monument in the city.

After the news broke, Bezos’ megayacht quietly left the bay and the bridge remained intact.

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