Lana Rhoades And Mia Khalifa’s Criticism Of Industry Is ‘Hypocritical,’ Adult Star Claims

An adult film star has claimed that Lana Rhoades and Mia Khalifa's criticism of the industry is 'hypocritical'. 
Credit: Lana Rhoades via Facebook & @miakhalifa/Instagram

Lana Rhoades and Mia Khalifa have been branded ‘hypocritical’ after criticising the industry. 

Rhoades, 26, is one of the most famous names in the business – despite quitting in 2021.

Since leaving, she’s gone on to say that p*** should be banned and compared adult stars to ‘circus acts’.

Meanwhile Khalifa, 29, only worked in the industry for three months but is still one of its biggest names.

She described her experience as ‘traumatising’ and was disowned by her family. Now, she’s begging other women not to go into the adult film industry.

Following their outspoken comments, the pair have been called out by a fellow star.

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Speaking on YouTube show No Jumper, adult star Dredd discussed both Rhoades and Khalifa. 

Dredd says he struggles to understand what the motivation is for the pair to criticise their former line of work – as that’s what ‘built them up’ in the first place.

He explains: “I’m always surprised when a girl does that. I don’t know what the motivation is in that, because that’s what built you up. 

Dredd has criticised Lana Rhoades and Mia Khalifa for their comments about the adult film industry. Credit: No Jumper via YouTube

“That’s what did it for you, that’s what put you on the map.

“So to sit there and now go, ‘Oh it’s bad. Oh, I wish I never did that’, it’s kind of hypocritical. 

“All that s***, I don’t think too highly of it.”

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The show’s host, known as Adam22, then claimed that if Rhoades had not gone into p***, she might have ‘just been another Instagram girl’.

Lana Rhoades
Lana Rhoades has been slammed by adult star Dredd following her criticisms of the p*rn industry. Credit: @lanarhoades/Instagram

Dredd also believes that Khalifa is now going so far with her criticism that she’s ‘disrespecting’ the industry.

He explains: “That’s another one who I’ve seen and read things on her just totally disrespecting [the industry].

“I always think it’s kind of f***ed up when they do that because it’s like, ‘I got what I want out of it, now f*** them’, you know?

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“I don’t even like to know people that have that kind of mindset.”

The host then suggests that the pair regret going into the industry before the launch of OFs.

The platform has allowed stars to make a lot of money while taking ownership of their own content.

Mia Khalifa
Dredd also criticised Mia Khalifa after she made disparaging remarks about the adult film industry. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

He says: “They’re girls who got into p*** at the very tail end of p*** before OFs kicked off.

“So they did all this nasty a** s**t, didn’t make millions of dollars off it.

“Now they’re out here making six figures a month off OFs or whatever, and they’re kind of like, ‘Well why the f*** did I do that?’.”

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