Woman Claims She Was ‘Shamed’ And Asked To Cover Up On A Flight For Wearing An Inappropriate Outfit

A woman has claimed that she was 'shamed' and asked to cover up for wearing a supposedly inappropriate outfit while on a flight.
Credit: @Nvr_GvUp/X

A woman has claimed that she was ‘shamed’ and asked to cover up for wearing a supposedly inappropriate outfit while on a flight.

Whenever you’re travelling on a plane, it is important you ensure you’re in your most comfortable clothes.

Obviously, everyone has their own idea of what feeling nice and snug is.

Some might prefer wearing a hoodie and jogging bottoms, while others might opt for shorts and a T-shirt.

But for one woman, her choice of comfortable clothing allegedly led to her being told off by the cabin crew.

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Maggi Thorne, 42, is a seven-time American Ninja Warrior contestant and recently, she was making a journey from Orlando to Nashville.

She was on a Southwest Airlines flight wearing simply a blank tank top, high-waisted pants and a black cap.

Soon after boarding, Thorne was allegedly approached by a member of staff who confronted her over her outfit.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) to vent her frustration and anger, the former American Ninja Warrior participant claimed: “Southwest Air attendant just shamed me in front of passengers saying my attire wasn’t appropriate. A tank top and high-waisted pants.

“Flight 1039, is this really happening in 2023? The passengers around me were stunned as she shamed me for all to hear.”

In a follow-up post, Thorne added that wanted to share her experience ‘for all who have been shamed for what they wear’.

“I believe in the goodness we each possess,” the TV star added. “To have someone publicly shame anyone on their outfit (regardless here of who) is unacceptable.”

Maggi Thorne
Maggi Thorne claims she was publicly shamed by flight attendants over this outfit. Credit: @Nvr_GvUp/X

Thorne’s story has divided opinions online, with some people supporting her and expressing their disappointment at the airline.

“That’s absurd – proud of you for standing your ground Mag!” writes one person.

Someone else adds: “Why do people care so much about what other people are wearing? I make a concerted effort to not even look at other people on the plane.”

A third person says in support: “That was ridiculous. Your attire was fine, the flight attendant was out of line, as well as any who sided with her.”

“That’s ridiculous. Athletic wear is perfectly acceptable (and comfortable) for flights,” another person comments.

However, others are agreeing that Thorne’s outfit is not appropriate for a flight.

Someone comments: “The flight attendant knew or thought it was a bra and that’s why she said something. And no one probably even cared or heard the comment.

“She offered some advice not meant for social media. It’s you who is doing the shaming.”

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“That’s not a ‘tank top’ that’s a bra,” adds a second.

“Yeah, there’s a difference between a sports bra and a tank top. A tank top actually comes to your waist and sports bras just a sports bra something you might work out and it’s still really just your underwear,” writes a third.

Another person says: “Your attire does look inappropriate for a flight. Gym maybe, but not out in public.”

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