Teen Who Had Drink ‘Spiked’ Feels ‘Panicked’ At Thought Of Going Out Again

The teen who allegedly had her drink 'spiked' has claimed that she wouldn't be able to enjoy herself on a night out again. 
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A teen who allegedly had her drink ‘spiked’ in a club has claimed she feels ‘panicked’ at the thought of going out again. 

Millie Taplin, 18, went viral last week after a video circulated of her looking ‘possessed’ moments after she apparently accepted a drink from a man in a nightclub.

She recently opened up about the terrifying experience to This Morning’s Ruth and Eamonn.

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Sat alongside her sister, Sadie, she said: “I would love to go back out but now it’s more of a panic feeling, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself on a night out now, which is a shame.”

Recalling the night, she continued: “I got pins and needles in my hands and my eyes went blurry.

“We hear a lot about being spiked, but you don’t think it’s ever going to happen to you.”

On the night the incident allegedly took place, Taplin left the club with her friends and started to be sick outside. Concerned, the mates called her sister for help.

Sadie said: “I could just hear the panic and she was so frightened, I knew it was more than just drunk.”

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The teen who was ‘spiked’ says she gets a ‘panic feeling’ when thinking about going on a night out again. Credit: Millie Taplin via Facebook

Taplin was then drove to the hospital where the siblings were met by their concerned mother.

Wanting to raise awareness of drinks being spiked on nights out, the teen’s mum decided to record her daughter’s behaviour as a warning for others.

Initially, Taplin was horrified by the video and didn’t want it to be shared, but she then had a change of heart when she considered it could help save others.

She told the daytime TV hosts: “No one shows what you’re like when you’re in that state, someone had made me be like that, I think people need to see the effects of it.

“I can not stress how careful you have to be with your drink.”

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