TikTok Laundry Hack ‘Sets Woman’s Dryer On Fire’

A woman accidentally set her 'dryer on fire' after trying out a TikTok laundry hack. 
Credit: @haileeclarke87/TikTok

A woman accidentally set her ‘dryer on fire’ after trying out a TikTok laundry hack. 

Hailee Clarke, from Liverpool, was attempting the trick that’s meant to create reusable fabric softeners by putting a cloth, fabric softener and water in a tumble dryer. However, she didn’t realise that the softener she was using was flammable.

The woman is now warning others not to try the ‘dangerous’ hack.

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fire Tiktok laundry hack
The woman’s dryer ‘caught on fire’ after she tried out the TikTok laundry hack. Credit: @haileeclarke87/ TikTok

In the clip, she said: “I just wanted to spread some awareness. I tried this hack yesterday with a cloth, fabric softener and water as tumble dryer sheets in my tumble dryer.

“This is the first time I’ve ever used it. I’ve never had a problem with it in any shape or form.

“We were woken up this morning to the house filled with smoke. The dryer had been smoking, it was on fire from the inside through the night.

“It was absolutely terrifying.”

In the comments section, she added: “Just to clarify, the dryer wasn’t on through the night. The fire was slowly burning inside the dryer through the night!”

@haileeclarke87Please share! We where so lucky! ##soreadawareness ##housefire ##cleanwithhailee ##fyp♬ original sound – Hailee??✨

Tiktok users were quick to comment that Clarke should have realised the fabric softener was flammable.

In a follow-up post, the TikToker acknowledged this, replying: “I know this is my fault so don’t need any negative comments! This is purely to help spread awareness.”

She then showed the bottle of softener that she used, arguing that the warning wasn’t ‘adequate’.

In the video, she commented: “Nothing really sticks out.”

In the same post, the camera pans to the bottle, showing a warning that reads: “WARNING: Liquid fabric softener can increase fabric flammability.”

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