Tom Hardy Netflix Series Is ‘Perfect For Peaky Blinders Fans’

Taboo Netflix: The Tom Hardy series is being called 'perfect for Peaky Blinders fans'.
Credit: Netflix

A Netflix series starring Tom Hardy is being described as ‘perfect for Peaky Blinders fans’.

Finding something to watch on the streaming service is never difficult as it boasts some of the best TV shows around.

From popular shows such as Stranger Things and Wednesday to critically acclaimed series like Beef, Netflix spoils its subscribers with content.

And now viewers have now unearthed a series starring Tom Hardy.

Check out the trailer for the show below…

Taboo stars the Venom actor as he plays James Delaney, a man who returns to England after spending 10 years in Africa to investigate his father’s suspicious death.

The drama was created by Hardy, his dad Edward ‘Chips’ Hardy and Peaky Blinders creator Stephen Knight – while Gladiator director Ridley Scott serves as an executive producer.

Along with the Mad Max: Fury Road star, Taboo has an all-star cast including Jessie Buckley (Men), Stephen Graham (Boiling Point) and Jonathan Pryce (Tomorrow Never Dies).

Taboo originally debuted on BBC One in the UK and FX in the US in 2017 and received favourable reviews – including a 91 per cent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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However, it only ran for one season.

Despite this, it has since been made available to watch on Netflix and viewers can’t get enough of it.

One fan says: “If you liked Peaky Blinders you may try Taboo on Netflix.”

Another viewer adds: “Check out Taboo with Tom Hardy if you haven’t seen it… [its] excellent.”

While a third person comments: “If you’re a Tom Hardy, Peaky Blinders fan… The new Netflix series Taboo is epic!

“Tom Hardy is the greatest villain actor in modern history and you can’t change my mind.”

Tom Hardy in Taboo.
The Tom Hardy series, Taboo, is being hailed as the perfect show for Peaky Blinders fans. Credit: BBC

Someone else comments: “Taboo on Netflix is good if you haven’t watched it already.” 

Somebody else pens: “Taboo is without a doubt one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time and probably Tom Hardy’s best performance.

“Sucks it only ran for one season and it took me five years to even hear about it.”

While other viewers are insisting that the programme is actually a mix of Peaky Blinders and Game Of Thrones.

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There might be some good news for fans asking for a second season, as both Knight and Scott have addressed the possibility of following Delaney on his next adventure.

Speaking to Radio Times, Knight says: “We think it has got a two and a three certainly, that’s the plan.

“After that who knows? This series is eight parts – it’s a lot of time.”

While Scott adds: “We’re thrilled people want to know what happens next and that the BBC and FX are up for more adventures with the devil Delaney and the League of the Damned.

“Along with our international distributors, Sonar Entertainment, the BBC and FX have been great partners, supporting Taboo at every stage so it could be the dark, dirty brute of a drama that it is.”

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