Top Doctor Warns Against ‘Alien’ Filler Trend As Popularity Rises

A top doctor is warning people against the 'alien' fillers trend which is steadily growing in popularity. 
Credit: ITV

A top doctor is warning people against the ‘alien’ fillers trend which is growing in popularity. 

Dr Harris, who claims a lot of his job involves getting rid of the ‘alienisation,’ believes that social media and shows like Love Island are encouraging people to pump their faces with filler and Botox, making it the ‘new normal’.

Appearing on This Morning earlier this week, he said ‘poorly qualified and greedy practitioners’ are making all this possible.

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He explained: “They are preying on people with psychological issues that shouldn’t be given cosmetic treatments at all.

“We’ve been bombarded by images of people with alien faces on social media to the point where it’s become the new normal.”

Dr Harris said some people who pursue these ‘alien’ treatments may be suffering from psychiatric conditions such as body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

He continued: “These patients have a distorted view of themselves, and they sometimes also see particular features distorted in others.

“BDD, in particular, is associated with a very high suicide rate. Treating these patients leads to no good.

“A psychiatrist colleague and I did a small survey back in 2016 which found there was actually a higher rate of BDD among cosmetic practitioners (around 16%) compared with the patient population (around 8-15%).”

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A top doctor is warning people to avoid the ‘alien’ filler trend. Credit: ITV

Referencing Love Island, he said that although its cast isn’t exactly ‘alien-like,’ they could still have an impact.

“Reality TV stars like those on Love Island and other influencers have fuelled demand for increasingly radical cosmetic treatments,” he said. “With millions of us spending time staring at ourselves on Zoom during lockdown, the pandemic has also pushed more people into wanting more cosmetic procedures.”

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