What Does ASOS Stand For?

Everyone's heard of the major online retailer ASOS, however, not everyone knows what the acronym actually stands for. 
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Everyone’s heard of the major online retailer ASOS, however, not everyone knows what the acronym actually stands for. 

The company is one of the world’s largest clothing outlets; every day, thousands of shoppers hop onto the site and add the latest trends to their basket.

It claims to have nearly 900 brands in stock, as well as its own range of clothing and accessories.

While the chain may be hugely popular and is a household name, not many of its fans are aware of what ASOS stands for, and after finding out, people have been left gobsmacked.

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Some people may be under the impression that it’s named after its founder – which is a common theme with many big brands – however, this isn’t the case.

The four letters of ASOS stand for ‘As Seen On Screen’, which some of its earliest shoppers may still refer to it as – in 2000, it officially became known as this.

It all started back when the outlet was first founded, as it was meant to be a place where film and TV fans could shop for replicas of ensembles they’d seen on screen.

Most notably, it sold an imitation of Brad Pitt’s red leather jacket from the 1999 cult classic Fight Club.

Down the line, the brand’s founders, Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths, decided to change it to its acronym.

ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’, a fact many fans aren’t aware of. Credit: Alamy

Many people have taken to social media and admitted that they had no idea what ASOS stood for.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), one person tweeted: “Never knew ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’. Why am I so behind on things?”

Another added: “As if I didn’t know [what] ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’.”

While a third user commented: “Found out ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’ and me heads boxed.”

“Why have I just found out that ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’?! Mind blown,” somebody else said.

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A fifth wrote: “ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’ – I’ve successfully blown a few minds with that this morning.”

“ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’ – something new every day,” added another.

Nowadays, ASOS is a global brand and it ships to 196 countries from centres in the UK, US and Europe.

In 2021, the outlet bought Arcadia Group’s Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT, acquiring its stock in the process.

The brand’s value was estimated at $974 million last year, as per Statista Research Department.

Over the years, many celebrities have been spotted wearing ASOS – including Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa and Paloma Faith.

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