Andrew Tate Leaves Vile Message On Amanda Holden’s Latest Instagram Post

Andrew Tate, ever the controversial figure, is back in the spotlight after leaving a vile comment about Amanda Holden on social media.
Credit: BBC & @noholdenback/Instagram

Andrew Tate, ever the controversial figure, is back in the spotlight after leaving a vile comment about Amanda Holden on Instagram

Despite facing serious charges including r***, human trafficking and involvement in an organised crime group exploiting women in Romania, Tate, 36, still finds the time to wreak havoc on the internet every now and then.

Currently under house arrest in Bucharest, he recently targeted British TV personality Holden, 52, who has been enjoying a holiday with her family.

Holden shared a photo of herself in a black bikini standing under an outdoor shower, captioned: “Good morning.”

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Seizing the opportunity to stir trouble, Tate commented on the post, criticising the Britain’s Got Talent judge for sharing such a picture.

He wrote: “You are a wife and a mother and you’re far past a teenager. There is no need for this post.”

However, Tate’s attempt at trolling didn’t go unnoticed, as Holden’s famous friends and fans rushed to defend her against his toxic remarks.

Loose Women star Charlene White called out Tate’s attention-seeking behaviour and suggested he find a more constructive pastime.

Meanwhile, feminist barrister Charlotte Proudman exposed his hypocrisy, highlighting his pending charges while engaging in body shaming and ageist comments.

She tweeted: “Self-proclaimed misogynist, Andrew Tate has been charged with r*** and under house arrest but that doesn’t stop him taking to Twitter to make s**ist jibes about Amanda Holden – whilst age and body shaming her.

“The king of toxic masculinity strikes again.”


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Holden’s supporters also pointed out Tate’s double standards, referring to his own social media presence, which primarily consists of shirtless pictures, anime content and explicit material.

Tate’s attempt to preach about righteousness has been met with scepticism, considering his own actions and legal situation.

Last week, leaked text messages emerged, revealing the disturbing ‘loverboy method’ allegedly used by Tate and his brother, Tristan, to lure women into s** work.

The messages demonstrated how they allegedly employed lies, manipulation and coercion to recruit young women for their purposes.

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In one of the messages, Tate allegedly wrote: “Give me an average moron with no skills who’s blind loyal.

“I judge basically all females by loyalty. If they’re loyal. And they won’t leave.

“In the end they’ll do everything you want.”

These revelations have added to the public’s disdain for Tate and his questionable behaviour.

While he may try to maintain his notoriety and attention-seeking antics, it’s evident that his actions are drawing criticism from all corners.

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