Woman Shares Question She Asks In Every Job Interview That’s Led To An Offer Every Single Time

A woman has shared the one question that she is always asked in a job interview, and it has meant that she's always received an offer.
Credit: @catherine_lockhart/TikTok

A woman has shared the one question that she is always asked in a job interview, and it has meant that she’s always received an offer.

Let’s face it – job interviews are scary!

The pressure is high and it can be particularly unbearable when you’re really hoping things go in your favour.

But now, one woman has shared the question that she asks during every single job interview she’s had.

And excitingly, she claims it basically guarantees a job offer and has worked for her every time!

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While it’s good to expect the unexpected in a job interview, there is usually one thing you can rely on.

At the end of the interview, you are often hit with that same final question: “Do you have anything you’d like to ask us?”

This can sometimes spark a panic, and we’ve probably all been guilty of replying ‘no thanks’ before scuttling off.

But it turns out, there is something important you can say if you’re presented with this opportunity, with TikToker Catherine Lockhart (@catherine_lockhart) providing the answer.

Catherine Lockhart
Catherine Lockhart has shared the one question that she is always asked in a job interview. Credit: @catherine_lockhart/TikTok

People have been quick to offer their own opinions in Lockhart’s comments section.

One says: “I always ask this and what their favourite thing about working there is, there’s a big difference in how they answer depending on their job satisfaction.”

A second suggests: “Another great question to ask at the end is ask the interviewer ‘What gives you the most satisfaction in your role?’ (or something like that! They love to talk about themselves!).”

“I ask at the end any concerns they have with me taking the role, then address it right there with them! Gotten every job offer with that question!” a third writes.

Somebody else says: “If I had a dollar for every time someone asked how much time off they got in an interview, and I never ever hired those people!”

Another offers their own advice, commenting: “Just ask something relevant to the role, not benefits and you’re good!”

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So, here’s what Lockhart had to say.

She believes you should always ask: “What does excellence look like in this role?”

The TikToker explains: “It gives the interviewer an opportunity to explain a little bit more about the day-to-day functions of the role.

“It lets the interviewer know that you’re serious about performing and exceeding their expectations.”

Lockhart also offers some advice on what not to ask…

She states: “Do not mention PTO (paid time off) – do not ask if they have any other benefits.”

She believes this suggests to employers that you may not be interested in the role for the right reasons…

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