Hairdresser Lists Four Things She Can’t Stand Clients Doing In Brutal Rant

A hairdresser has gone viral after listing the four things she can’t stand clients doing in a brutal rant.
Credit: @emilyyyroses/TikTok & Alamy

A hairdresser is going viral after listing the four things she can’t stand clients doing. 

Going to get your haircut is a big deal.

Whether you’re going out on a night out, attending a big event, or just due a trim, getting your locks chopped is something to look forward to.

One hairdresser though has listed the four things she can’t stand her customers doing – and if we’re being honest, we are probably all guilty of at least one of them.

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Emily Pytel, a hairdresser and cosmetologist, posts on TikTok her tips and tricks for taking care and having fantastic hair.

But in one clip, she’s shared how clients can sometimes give her the ‘ick’.

Over in the comments, Pytel says the video is purely to ‘educate’ viewers while asking: “Is anyone guilty of these?”

Many TikTokers are taking to the comments and discussing the hairdresser’s ‘icks’.

One person says: “Waitttttt I was always told to get your hair coloured with dirty hair?”

In agreement, another adds: “We were told for years to go in with dirty hair.”

While someone else writes: “I’m not a hairdresser but I agree with all her kicks.

“People need to understand she said not ‘super dirty hair’ 1-2 day [of] unwashed hair would be OK.”

Others are taking to the comments and saying the hairdresser’s video is funny, with one viewer commenting: “You’re hilarious.”

Alongside a laughing emoji, another says: “OK, I think I’m a good client then!”

1. Dirty Hair

The first thing that bothers her is dirty hair, as she explains: “When a client comes to me with super dirty hair, just no.

“We don’t want to touch your dirty hair but it’s also not good for your colour, it doesn’t take as well.”

Hairdresser ick
The hairdresser is going viral after listing the four things that she can’t stand clients doing. Credit: @emilyyyroses/TikTok

2. Staring

The second complaint she has is when clients look at her ‘in the eyes’ while she is shampooing their hair.

“Don’t do that, it is awkward for everybody – just close your eyes,” she adds.

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3. No Coffee

Pytel says the third thing that customers do is the one thing that ‘really gets her’.

She explains: “When you show up late but you have a coffee in your hand and don’t have one for us.

“We love coffee too and we need the caffeine to do your hair.”

4. Blocking The Mirror

The fourth and final thing that annoys the TikToker is when people turn their heads so they can see themselves in the mirror.

The hairdresser continues: “When you are in our chair and we turn our chair and the head looks back at the mirror, please don’t do that because there is a reason we are turning your chair.”



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