Secret Feature Inside Dishwashers Leaves People Mind Blown

A woman on TikTok has discovered a hidden feature inside dishwashers and it's left people gobsmacked.
Credit: @hotdogsilly/@frunpalandet86/TikTok

People have been left mind-blown after a woman discovered a hidden dishwasher feature. 

The dishwasher surely stands the test of time as one of humanity’s greatest inventions.

The fact that we no longer have to stand over a sink for hours manually cleaning each and every one of our dishes is basically nothing short of a miracle.

But these cleaning machines are not perfect.

Many of us have had the irritating experience of opening up our dishwasher to discover a massacre of glassware.

It’s not just annoying, but expensive (in terms of replacing the broken glasses) and painful (in terms of cleaning up the broken shards).

Wineglasses, in particular, are prone to smashing during a cycle – which is what made one shocking TikTok go viral this week.

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A TikToker named @hotdogsilly has shared a secret feature she discovered in dishwashers that has left users everywhere absolutely speechless.

“28 years old and I learnt this from your TikTok. Thank you,” one commenter pens.

Another agreed, adding: “Need to try this ASAP!”

A third jokes: “OK, so this one vid proves that the 1000 hours I have so far spent here was actually all worth it.”

“Literally lived in my flat for nine months and you’ve just changed my life!!!” echoes a fourth fan.

@hotdogsilly and dishwasher.
The hidden dishwasher feature has left people gobsmacked. Credit: @hotdogsilly/@frunpalandet86/TikTok

In the TikTok video, which is captioned: “My whole life is a lie,” the user watches as someone struggles to fit a long-stemmed wine glass on the top shelf of their dishwasher.

They then reach to the side of the drawer, click the railing downwards, and gently lower the whole shelf.

They can then easily fit even the tallest of wine glasses on the shelf, without fear of them smashing when the door is closed.

The TikToker in the video looks blown away – and to be frank, we are too.

Although some of the video’s viewers were even more easily impressed.

@hotdogsilly #duet with @frunpalandet86 SHOOK @cirah33 #fyp ♬ Hard Times – Paramore

“I didn’t even know that thing is used to lean cups against WTH!” one laughs.

However, alongside all of the excited comments agreeing with her, there are some party poopers.

One know-it-all writes: “Nobody read the damn manual?”

And even more heartbreakingly, some people realised their own dishwashers don’t actually have this same handy feature.

“My dishwasher doesn’t have this so I’ve ordered a new kitchen,” one commenter jokes.

Another laughs: “Running to the dishwasher and finding out yours doesn’t.”

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Plus, it turns out that there’s another peril to look out for when trying out this dishwasher hack.

If you do manage to lower your shelf, it can be far more tricky to get it back up into place.

One desperate commenter writes: “I just tried it and it worked but I don’t know how to get it back up there!”

Another panicked user says: “I did it but how to fix it now? HELP!”

While a third implores: “Can anyone tell me how to get it back up please?”

So we guess this might be a hack to try out at your own risk…

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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