Hygiene Expert Calls Out People For Not Washing Their Armpits Correctly

A hygiene expert has taken to social media to call out people on how they're washing their armpits - as she says a lot of people are doing it wrong. 
Credit: @madamesweat/TikTok

A hygiene expert has taken to social media to call out people on how they’re washing their armpits – as she insists ‘some tutti frutti soap’ isn’t enough. 

A refreshing shower or bath can set the tone for a great morning or provide a peaceful end to your evening.

But when washing your body, have you ever considered whether you’re doing it correctly?

Mary Futher, who goes by the name ‘Madame Sweat’ online, has gone viral after claiming that there’s a specific way you should be washing your armpits.

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Madame Sweat, who has over 619,000 TikTok followers, has tons of expertise when it comes to the world of hygiene.

In one of her videos, she educates viewers on how to correctly wash their armpits.

While mimicking a quick rub of her armpits, Madame Sweat says: “If you’re washing your underarms like this, with some tutti frutti soap, I can guarantee you still have yesterday’s deodorant on your underarms.”

Madame Sweat
Madame Sweat says that people aren’t washing their armpits for long enough. Credit: @madamesweat/TikTok

She then points to a video playing behind her in which a person named ‘Joey’ is washing their armpits.

Madame Sweat continues: “We’re here in the shower with Joey, and he’s lathering for 30 seconds.

“He’s doing it right. Plus he’s using an antibacterial soap.”

The TikToker then goes on to advise viewers on which ‘quality antibacterial soap’ they should be using, sharing that the good ones contain apple cider vinegar, sea salt and charcoal.

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Many people have taken to the comments and admitted that they had ‘no idea’ they should be washing their armpits for at least 30 seconds.

30 seconds? I had no idea,” one person says. 

Another adds: “Ooooohhhh now I know.”

@madamesweat Most people are not washing their underarms properly – this is the right way #greenscreenvideo #Underarmcare #antibacterialsoap #charcoal #seasalt #applecidervinegar #madamesweat #madamesweatisconcerned #madamesweatkaianaturals #kaianaturals #theunderarmbar ♬ original sound – Madame Sweat | kaia naturals

Different experts may offer varying recommendations regarding the soap or body wash to use, but there is a general consensus that we should be dedicating more time to cleaning our armpits.

Dermatologist Dr Sheila Farhang tells Today: “Using a body wash that contains alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acid in the shower and applying it to the under the arms can also help treat darker appearing skin.

“Using benzoyl peroxide can also help with odour in the area, especially if someone is sensitive or prefers not to use aluminium-based deodorant.”

All of this sounds a lot more complicated than some simple apple cider vinegar, sea salt and charcoal!

But regardless of what you’re using, the next time you give yourself a wash – put a little more effort into scrubbing those pits.

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