Mum Reveals Shocking Reason She’s ‘Producing Pink Breast Milk’

A mum has taken to social media and revealed the shocking reason she's 'producing pink breast milk'. 
Credit: @jojohnsonoverby/TikTok & @jojohnsonoverby/Instagram

A mum has taken to social media and revealed the shocking reason she’s ‘producing pink breast milk’. 

Jo Johnson Overby recently took to TikTok and shared videos of the finding, as she wanted others to know breast milk can come in an ‘array’ of colours.

In the viral clip, she said: “Nobody told me that whenever I had a baby, that if I chose to breastfeed, my milk would come in an array of colours.”

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The mum had ‘no idea’ breast milk came in an ‘array’ of colours, including pink. Credit: @jojohnsonoverby/TikTok

Holding up a bag of white breast milk, she commented: “Exhibit A. The colour you’d expect, right?”

The mum then reached out for the second bag, which she referred to as ‘strawberry milk,’ adding: “Exhibit B. And why is it pink? It’s blood. Baby can drink it though. So, it’s up to you whether you do it or not.”

According to, a site that shares information on breastfeeding, pink milk is an indication that there is ‘blood in the milk’.

It states: “It should clear after a few days as more milk flows through your breasts, and it’s fine to continue feeding your baby your milk.

“You may see blood in your baby’s vomit or poo – this can be very scary, however, this is usually not your baby’s blood but from your breast milk.”

@jojohnsonoverbyStrawberry milk brought to you by an aggressive clog 🥲 ##newmom ##breastfeeding ##pumping♬ original sound – Jo Johnson

Overby’s clip has now been viewed over 13.3million times and many have also said they had ‘no idea’ breast milk could be pink.

One viewer said: “She really made some strawberry milk.”

Another added: “No ma’am it’s strawberry flavoured.”

“I just gave birth a week ago and I’m so happy I’m seeing this video,” a third commented. “I would panic if I saw pink milk lol.”

“Hell yeah vampire baby,” a fourth joked.

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