Pilot Dies After Gender Reveal Stunt Ends In Plane Crash In Front Of Guests

A pilot has died in a plane crash involved in a gender reveal stunt.
Credit: @aviatianbrk/X

A gender reveal party has ended in tragedy after a plane used during the stunt came crashing down in front of guests. 

Gender reveal parties celebrate announcing whether expecting parents are going to have a baby girl or boy.

They usually involve prediction games, a ‘big reveal’ and sometimes fireworks.

The incident in question took place in San Pedro, Sinaloa, on September 2 as a couple prepared to reveal the gender of their baby in front of family and friends.

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The couple were positioned before a sign adorned with the words ‘Oh Baby’, which was surrounded by balloons and flowers.

But moments later, pandemonium erupted at the gathering as the small aircraft, tasked with executing the centrepiece of the celebration, appeared on the scene.

As the plane approached the happy couple, it emitted pink smoke from its fuselage – indicating that they would be expecting a baby girl.

Around this moment, the Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee aircraft’s left wing is believed to have suddenly given way, triggering an uncontrollable descent.

The plane reportedly spiralled and crashed into a nearby field.

Plane Crash
The gender reveal party ended in tragedy after the plane used during the stunt came crashing down in front of guests. Credit: @aviatianbrk/X

Some of the people at the gender reveal event were reportedly unaware of the tragedy unfolding and continued to cheer on the couple.

Local outlet Linea Directa reports that the pilot, who has since been identified as 32-year-old Luis Ángel N, became trapped in the wreckage. He was reportedly found lying in the rubble after the crash.

Eventually, authorities were alerted to the incident and were dispatched to the scene.

Sadly, Luis Ángel succumbed to his injuries after being transported to a hospital in Navolato in critical condition.

This isn’t the only gender reveal to have ended in tragedy.

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A California couple whose gender reveal sparked a massive wildfire ended up being charged with 30 crimes, as per The Guardian.

The El Dorado fire, which lasted for more than two months, torched close to 23,000 acres, destroyed five homes and 15 other buildings, and claimed the life of firefighter Charlie Morton, while several other firefighters were injured.

Eventually, the wildfires were extinguished on November 16.

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