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Outraged Walmart Worker Calls Out Customers For Their Bad Habits

An outraged Walmart employee has called out customers over their bad habits.
Credit: @finnandquinn/TikTok

An outraged Walmart employee has called out customers over their bad habits.

Walmart is a major retail corporation known for its wide range of products and affordable prices.

It’s also the most popular grocery store in the US, and in 2022 had a whopping 25.2% of the market share.

But with so many people coming through the shop doors each day – it’s inevitable that some aren’t going to be brilliantly behaved.

Watch as this supermarket customer calls out the cashier over her treatment of an elderly man…

One Walmart employee has shared a customer habit that infuriates her more than any other.

And it’s a behaviour that is disrespectful, inconsiderate, and wasteful all at once.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, Chelsea Jo, the employee, addresses the issue.

She says: “Hi, just your local Walmart employee here.

“Just ran across something that I’m used to seeing but I’m tired of seeing. Just a little PSA for everybody.”

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In the video, which has been viewed over 35,000 times, Chelsea shows a shopping cart full of food that someone had abandoned in the middle of the store.

“Please, for the love of god, stop doing this,” she says.

Chelsea proceeds to point out various perishable and frozen products in the cart, including meat, cheese, sour cream, and frozen burritos.

She then adds: “This stuff isn’t even cold anymore. All of this is bad now.”

Walmart employee slams customers on TikTok.
The Walmart employee has slammed customers’ bad habits on TikTok. Credit: @finnandquinn/TikTok

It’s a bit like leaving a bottle of milk in the bread aisle because of laziness but on a much more significant scale.

The consequences of this behaviour go beyond creating a mess for the staff to clean up.

A substantial amount of food is wasted as a result.

Since the spoiled food cannot be returned to the shelves, it ends up being discarded, contributing to unnecessary food waste.

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A frustrated Chelsea further expresses her anger, continuing: “I need y’all to for real get it together because I am not your slave.

“I’m not here to do this.”

Many people have taken to the comments and agreed with Chelsea’s video.

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One viewer writes: “People suck. Maybe they had an emergency and had to leave quickly, but at least let someone know so all the food doesn’t go to waste. Shaking my head.”

Another adds: “I wouldn’t do that. If I don’t want something cold or frozen I at least stick it in the fridge or freezer.”

While a third says: “I would never abandon a cartload of stuff.”

However, others have defended shoppers with the habit.

“I’m not gonna waste my damn time putting it all back if I have to abandon it,” one person comments.

A second says: “Well if I get to the front of the store and 30 people are waiting to be checked out by two cashiers then I’ll abandon it. I don’t get paid to do it.”

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