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Woman Left To Foot Bill After Date Ditches Her For Eating 48 Oysters

A woman was apparently left to pay an excessive bill after her date ditched her when she tucked into 48 oysters. 
Credit: @equanaaa/TikTok

A woman was apparently left to pay an excessive bill after her date ditched her when she tucked into 48 oysters. 

A TikToker, who goes by the username @equanaaa on the platform, has gone viral after claiming her date never came back from the toilet.

Equana told her social media followers that she agreed to go on the date with the guy as she ‘was bored’ and ‘had time’.

She chose Fontaine’s Oyster House in Atlanta as the location for their first date as she’d heard they had ‘the best oysters in Atlanta’ – plus the oysters are only $15 a dozen on Tuesdays.

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The woman explained that she ordered 48 oysters, some potatoes and crabsticks and multiple drinks.

In the video, she said: “I was like, baby, you invited me out – I’m going to eat.”

After Equana had tucked into the meal, she claimed her date excused himself and said he was going to the loo. However, he never returned.

“It’s been 10, 20, 30 minutes… Had to end up grabbing the tab,” she added.

In a follow-up video, Equana claimed that the bill had totalled $185 and that she tipped $15.13 on her card, as well as $11 in cash.

The below video contains a racial slur and offensive language.

@equanaaa #hebrokeyallendofstory #fontainesoysterhouse #oysters ♬ original sound – EquanaB

Outraged, she shared an alleged screenshot of an exchange she and the date had afterwards.

The guy’s explanation apparently was that he had invited her ‘out for drinks’ but she had instead ‘ordered all that food’.

He then offered to send her money for just the drinks.

A huge debate has been sparked in the comments, where many have slammed the TikToker for ordering so much off the menu.

“The audacity to ask WHAT’S NEXT after 50 oysters is INSANE,” one person says.

Another adds: “Girll.. DRINKS. Not 48 oysters, potatoes and crab cakes.”

A third person writes: “Well he did say meet for drinks.”

@equanaaa's oysters
The woman has sparked a debate after ordering so many oysters on a date. Credit: @equanaaa/TikTok

Others are also blasting the guy, saying that while they understand Equana ordered quite a lot, he should have been honest about how he felt.

“Oh she was dead wrong for that, never should’ve went out with him… He didn’t have to leave like that though lol he could’ve told her,” somebody comments.

In agreement, a second pens: “Honestly I probably would have paid and never called back.”

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Many people have also taken to the comments and speculated that the whole story has been fabricated. However, the restaurant has confirmed that employees saw Equana on her date.

General manager Kelcey Flanagan tells Rolling Stone: “I don’t know what was said. But he popped back in and then they left.”

The manager adds that the amount of oysters Equana ordered is typical of the restaurant’s customers while acknowledging that it was still ‘pretty impressive’.

“She was nice,” Flanagan comments. “I just hope she’s not getting too much flak.”

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