Woman Claims She’s Constantly ‘Nipple Shamed’ For Not Wearing A Bra

A woman claimed she's constantly 'nipple shamed' for choosing not to wear a bra. 
Credit: @kokobeaute/TikTok

A woman has claimed she’s constantly ‘nipple shamed’ for choosing not to wear a bra. 

Kornelija Slunjski, from Croatia, explained in a TikTok video that people often tell her: “I can see your nipples through your shirt. You should put a bra on.”

Addressing her haters in the clip, she said: “Is it a secret that I have nipples?”

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The woman claimed she’s ‘nipple shamed’ by men and women for choosing not to wear a bra. Credit: @kokobeaute/TikTok

So far, the woman’s post has accumulated nearly 400,000 views on TikTok. Plus, thousands have taken to the comments to debate the subject.

In support of Slunjski, one viewer said: “I mean, it’s just a body part! I don’t know why people freak out about the dumbest things. If it bothers you then don’t look.”

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Another added: “It’s just so… inappropriate to criticise everything.”

“Like I tell everyone, I’m not going to be uncomfortable to make them more comfortable!” a third said.

However, some people took to the comments and said they didn’t see why it was necessary for nipples to be visible through tops.

One person asked: “Well, the 1950s did have a lot of class, so what are you trying to prove?”.

Pitching in, a second said: “There’s a time and a place though…”

“Live your life beautiful,” another penned. “However, for parents with younger kids, it’s something you will better understand one day, if you have kids.”

Following the debate, Slunjski was informed that her clip ‘violated community guidelines’.

Outraged, she responded: “They [TikTok] muted my video because I said I don’t want anyone telling me I have to wear a bra. I don’t wanna wear a bra!

“So, it’s totally fine for men to dance topless on the app? Like that’s fine… But if the woman uses the word ‘nipple’ it’s a problem.”

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