Delivery Driver Asks For Tip Before Handing Over Pizza – Customer’s Response Splits Opinion

A delivery driver has gone viral after demanding a customer tip before receiving her pizza.
Credit: @user626366461/TikTok

A delivery driver has gone viral after demanding a customer tip before receiving her pizza.

However, it’s the customer’s response to the driver’s demands that has divided the opinions of the internet.

Tipping is always a topic that sparks a heated online debate.

But this one particular interaction has reignited the argument, with social media users sharing strong opinions on both sides…

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Whether you’re always keen to offer compensation to service workers, or you believe that tipping culture has gone way too far, there’s one thing we can all agree on.

It’s important to treat other people with respect – whether they’re a worker or a customer.

This is what has caused all of the drama in a recent viral TikTok

A video shows a pizza delivery driver bluntly demanding a tip from a customer – before they’ve even received their pie!

A delivery driver has gone viral after demanding a customer tip before receiving her pizza.
The delivery driver wanted to receive their tip before handing over the pizza. Credit: @user626366461/TikTok

The customer seems initially taken aback by the rudeness, but their response is what has taken the drama to the next level.

After their initial demand for a tip, the driver then asks the woman whether she has her own vehicle, seemingly implying that she should have picked up her food for herself.

“Well, I’m doing it for the convenience,” the customer responds, then tries to put an end to the uncomfortable interaction by wishing the driver to “Have a good day.”

“Yeah, well, come get it next time,” the driver hits back.

The interaction has sparked a debate online, with one TikToker making a full response to the initial video.


#stitch with @xaalii_ please tip people that are doing a SERVICE for you. #yikes #fyp

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@AmyJackson9213 says: “This one makes me mad. If you are having a pizza delivered to your house and you have someone driving their car, using their gas money to bring it to you, like you seem awfully entitled, not them asking for a tip.”

She continued: “That’s what you do, you give a tip if somebody is literally bringing food to your home. You give them a tip! And for you to say she’s entitled – I think you’re a little entitled.

“Because that’s icky to me. Because you didn’t even give her a penny and she drove all the way to your house to give you pizza… Yikes.”

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However, some others took major issue with the rudeness displayed by the driver.

One questioned: “Don’t they get paid to do their job?”

“You should never ask for a tip, that’s a huge ick in my book,” another added.

While a third questioned: “Is that not what [the] delivery charge is?”

A fourth pointed out: “The person in the video didn’t even give them a chance to tip… she didn’t even hand over the pizza before being like tip??”

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