Doctor Issues Warning About Kissing Men With Facial Hair

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A doctor has shared a gross warning about the potential hazards of kissing people with facial hair.

And no, it’s not just about ‘friction’ – it’s about something much more unsettling.

With a massive following of 17.9 million, the Derm Doctor, aka Muneeb Shah, regularly doles out skincare tips and tricks.

Whether it’s reducing dark circles, banishing puffiness, or hydrating dry skin, he’s got the remedies.

But this time, he’s got a warning to share, and it involves beards.

The story began with a video from another TikToker, who covered her face in her hands and admitted: “Kissed a guy with facial hair, thinking it was a good idea at the time.”

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The scene then shifts to images of her chin, which is now covered in painful-looking red spots.

In response to this unfortunate incident, the Derm Doctor delivered a vital Public Service Announcement: “Clean your beards.”

He explained that facial hair can harbour loads of bacteria, and when you make contact with it, tiny little cuts can form in the skin, leading to infections like impetigo.

Now, let’s take a moment to understand what impetigo is.

According to the NHS, it’s a skin infection that’s ‘very contagious but not usually serious’.

It typically improves within 7 to 10 days with proper treatment, and the symptoms may include red sores or blisters that eventually burst and form crusty, golden-brown patches.

@dermdoctor PSA: clean your beards @Rylee Kriete #dermdoctor #impetigo ♬ original sound – DermDoctor | Dr. Shah

So, what’s the remedy?

If you suspect impetigo, don’t hesitate to visit your GP, who can prescribe antibiotic cream or tablets, depending on the severity.

The Derm Doctor’s video struck a chord with viewers, garnering a whopping 1.4 million likes and sparking a lively debate about beard hygiene in the comments section, with over 10,000 responses.

Some were flabbergasted, wondering who on earth doesn’t clean their beards.

Others admitted they were now less fond of facial hair than they were before, thanks to the eye-opening warning.

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A few expressed concern that some guys can’t even manage the bare minimum of beard hygiene, leaving them to question what else might be neglected in the cleanliness department.

Interestingly, one TikToker shared their own shocking revelation, admitting they thought the issue was simply ‘friction’ when they experienced the same skin problem.

Despite the horror stories, some bearded gentlemen chimed in to reassure everyone that they take facial hair care seriously.

They proclaimed their dedication to cleaning, combing, and washing their beards regularly to ensure their partners’ sensitive skin remains unaffected.

So, there you have it. A lesson on the potential perils of kissing with beards.

While facial hair can be oh-so-handsome, it’s crucial to maintain good hygiene to keep nasty infections at bay.

And if you’re sporting a beard, remember – keeping it clean is the way to go.

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