Google Maps User Discovers Disturbing Building In Japan

A Google Maps user has seemingly discovered a mysterious building that they claim is in Japan.
Credit: @yeetme084/TikTok

A TikToker has become an internet sensation after uncovering a mysterious Japanese building on Google Maps. 

The enigmatic image portrays what seems to be the interior of an office building.

As the camera delves deeper into the scene, a startling revelation unfolds – there is no floor, but instead, a seemingly endless hole descending into the ground.

To add to the intrigue, a robot-like figure stands next to the abyss.

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The video has quickly gained momentum on TikTok, racking up an impressive 18.8 million views.

It’s captioned: “RIP cameraman,” and the user @yeetme084 can’t help but wonder: “Nah wtf they hiding in Japan.”

Later, the TikToker claims in the comments that the image is no longer available on Google Maps, which has further fueled the mystique surrounding it.

The eerie image has left many TikTokers spooked, with one user giving credit to the ‘cameraman’ who dared to venture into the unknown.

Others have been quick to reference the ‘backrooms’ creepypasta, a fictional concept of a surreal, infinite maze-like space that went viral online.

@google_viewsRip camera man♬ warm nights – user28875060226

“So the backrooms are in Japan,” says one user.

“Isn’t it that one place that everyone dreams they’re in?” asks another. “I think they’re called the backrooms.”

Amidst the speculation, some TikTokers are attempting to demystify the photo, suggesting that it might be related to the ‘hipercamiokande’, an experiment to search for neutrinos.

“It may be the hipercamiokande, a huge construction experiment to search for neutrinos,” speculates one user.

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Others claim it is a depiction of the abandoned and mostly demolished Nara Dreamland theme park. However, the truth is not as eerie as it seems.

The image is, in fact, a cleverly crafted hoax, part of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG).

The biggest giveaway is the robot character featured in the photo.

Japan building on Google Maps.
The image is actually a clever hoax. Credit: @yeetme084/TikTok

A quick search on YouTube reveals that it’s none other than ‘Billy le Robot’, a French animated character known for its association with internet legends like the SCP Foundation and the viral backrooms creepypasta.

Further investigations reveal that other images featuring the same robot character have been discovered in various Google Maps locations.

YouTube content creator AimlessDoing has documented these sightings and pointed out that the image likely emerged from an ARG.

While the image may not be real, the effort and creativity behind crafting such a captivating picture and story is undoubtedly impressive.

It’s a reminder of the power of the internet to weave compelling narratives that captivate the imaginations of millions, even if they turn out to be works of fiction.

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Written by Cal Gaunt

Cal is a former content editor at IGV who specialised in writing trending and entertainment news. He previously worked as a news reporter at the Lancashire Telegraph and earned an NCTJ in Sports Journalism.