Mum Sparks Debate After Saying Kids ‘Aren’t Allowed’ Sleepovers

A mum has sparked debate after saying her kids 'aren't allowed' sleepovers. 
Credit: @tc.huck/Instagram

A mum has sparked debate after saying her kids ‘aren’t allowed’ sleepovers. 

Tara Huck has recently gone viral on Instagram after opening up about her parenting style, which includes not letting her children stay over at other people’s homes. 

Sitting in her car, the mum captioned the clip: “This should be fun.”

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Huck wrote ‘Unpopular parenting opinions,’ before explaining: “I don’t allow sleepovers.

“As long as school and chores are done, I don’t limit screen time.

“If they don’t eat what I make, they don’t eat.”

Many users on the platform were divided in their reactions to the post, with some claiming it will ‘backfire’ in later years.

One person said: “You don’t limit social media but your kids can’t spend the night at a friend’s house?

“Well good luck when your kids are sneaking out at 16.”

Another added: “You mean kid sleepovers, what about grandparents? The other two I get.

“My oldest usually eats some of what we eat, and my youngest will eat anything. Screen time isn’t limited here, but when it’s bedtime, it’s bedtime.” 

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However, others defended Huck and said they agreed with her. 

“You can’t trust others,” said one follower. “So I completely understand the no sleepovers! I understand it all. It’s a safety thing for me.”

In agreement, a second commented: “Same rules as this house, and I got called a helicopter mum for it.” 

Speaking to TODAY Parents about the huge debate it has caused, Huck said: “I think the video is like eight seconds long.

“On TikTok it got something like 1.6million views. I put that same video on Instagram, too, and I think as of right now it has 6.9million views.”

She then claimed that the reason her children aren’t allowed sleepovers is for their own protection, adding: “I feel like kids are most vulnerable when they’re sleeping.

“I’m just trying to eliminate one very small factor that could potentially harm them. 

“If they could come out of their childhood without having had a very traumatic experience, whatever that experience could be, well, that’s all I’m trying to do.”

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