Netflix Finally Says When It Will Stop Password-Sharing Around The World

Netflix has finally announced when it will stop password-sharing around the world.
Credit: Alamy & Netflix

Netflix has finally announced when it will stop password-sharing around the world.

The streaming service has roughly 232 million subscribers and has some of the biggest films and TV shows available.

This includes hit programmes such as Stranger Things, Wednesday and Beef.

Netflix also has blockbusters such as Don’t Look Up and Red Notice.

Find out the potential consequences of Netflix’s password-sharing plans below…

The streaming service once famously tweeted: “Love is sharing a password.”

However, Netflix has seemingly gone back on its word and is now introducing measures to stop password-sharing.

It has already been trialled in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain.

Originally, it was reported that the measures would be coming into place during the first quarter of the year (January to March).

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But it has now been confirmed that Netflix’s password sharing will come into place in the US before the end of July 2023, reports Forbes.

However, there is no timeframe as to when it will be introduced in the UK.

The streaming platform has announced what its new password-sharing measures will look like.

Firstly, Netflix says its users will need to set up a primary location, which ensures anyone living in the same household can use the subscription.

Members can also manage who accesses their account by going to the Manage Devices and Accounts page.

Netflix has finally announced when it will stop password-sharing around the world. Credit: Alamy

Netflix has also taken into consideration that each viewer will have personalised recommendations, a watch list or who might be in the middle of watching a series.

To please its subscribers, the streaming giant will be introducing a feature that will allow users to transfer a user profile to a brand-new, paid-for account.

Viewers have also been left concerned about not being able to watch Netflix while they are abroad.

To combat this, the streaming platform has assured members that they can still ‘easily watch’ TV and films on their personal devices or by logging into a new TV when away from home.

The final thing Netflix has announced is that it is possible for members who have the Standard or Premium plan to add an extra member ‘sub account’ for up to two people that don’t live in their household.

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Each extra member will be able to have their own password and profile with all the features that any regular account would have.

This extra member costs CA $7.99 a month per person in Canada, NZ $7.99 in New Zealand, €3.99 in Portugal, and €5.99 in Spain.

The price for US and UK is yet to be announced.

The reason for the changes is due to how much Netflix loses from having its subscribers share passwords with other people.

The streaming service has previously revealed that over 100 million households are sharing accounts – which is impacting Netflix’s ‘ability to invest in new TV and films’.

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