Plant Owner Discovers Her “Perfect” Succulent Is Fake After Watering It For TWO YEARS!

A plant owner was shocked to discover that her “perfect” succulent plant was fake after dedicating her time to water it every day for TWO YEARS. 

A plant owner religiously watered her succulent plant for two years and was then shocked to discover she had been wasting her time. It had been fake all along.

For the past two years, she claims she kept the green plant alive by keeping it near sunlight on her kitchen windowsill and she would regularly clean the leaves.

However, on February 28 she decided she would re-pot it and was surprised to discover the plant she had cherished and cared for was actually plastic all along.

She wrote on Facebook: “I’ve had this beautiful succulent for about two years now. I was so proud of this plant. It was full, beautiful colouring, just an overall perfect plant.

“Today I decided it was time to transplant, I found the cutest vase, that suited it perfectly. I go to pull it from the original plastic container it was purchased with to learn this plant was fake. I put so much love into this plant. I wash its leaves.”

The woman said that she only discovered the succulent was a fake when she de-potted it and found it was attached to styrofoam with sand glued onto the top.

“Tried my hardest to keep it looking it’s best, and it’s completely plastic. How did I not know this. I feel like this last two years have been a lie,” she said.

Many people commented that they had similar experiences with their succulent plants.

Her story was then re-shared into an Australian indoor plant group – many people said that they had had similar encounters with artificial plants.

One woman commented: “My cousin did this. She kept watering her mum’s plant for months before she discovered it was fake.”

Another added: “My friend at work always kills the plants because she doesn’t water them, so I put a fake one in the cafe. She watered it for a month before I told her it was fake.”

Someone else shared: “When I was a beginner plant owner my mum gifted me a fake succulent but I thought it was real and this happened to me, took me months to realise it was fake.”

Meanwhile, others were quick to point out that the succulent was clearly a fake plant, whilst others said they were easily fooled by the “real-looking” succulent.

Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected] All contact will be treated in confidence.

Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.