Riley Reid Explains Why She Stopped Making Heterosexual Adult Films

Adult film star Riley Reid has explained why she's stopped filming heterosexual scenes.
Credit: @letrileylive/Instagram

Adult film star Riley Reid has explained why she’s stopped filming heterosexual scenes.

The 31-year-old is one of the industry’s biggest names and is also a social media influencer and businesswoman.

She’s been opening up on what working in p*** is really like via a series of candid podcast appearances.

And now she’s spoken in more detail about a career decision that was prompted by difficulties in her personal life.

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Reid hasn’t quit the industry completely – but she has stopped filming the boy-girl scenes that catapulted her to fame in the 2010s.

And she’s explained exactly why she won’t be making any more heterosexual p***.

Appearing on Jordyn Jones’ What They Don’t Tell You podcast, Reid says that it was difficulties in her love life away from the camera that made the decision for her.

“Dating was really hard,” she says, referring to the expectations potential partners had of her.

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She adds: “Especially as I grew a name for myself, it was hard to meet someone who didn’t know who I was.

“And so, there was always that, like, fandom.”

On being able to differentiate between her stage identity, Riley Reid, and her actual identity, Ashley Matthews, she explains: “They met me first in their mind as Riley.

“So it was really hard to like, reverse and teach them that I’m Ashley.”

Reid also discusses how hard it was to enter into a romantic relationship.

“Being a p**nstar, it’s like, ‘You don’t take her to meet your mom’ and blah, blah, blah.”

She’s previously said that she’s been made to feel ‘disgusting’ by exes because of her career.

Riley Reid
Riley Reid has explained why she stopped filming heterosexual adult films. Credit: @letrileylive/Instagram

On the Impaulsive podcast, Reid said one ex-boyfriend refused to kiss her when she’d come home from work.

She revealed: “He made me feel like maybe I should quit and stuff.

“So, like, [it] made me feel like a disgusting person. And I’m not disgusting! It’s harsh. It was so horrible when he told me that.”

Speaking to Jordyn Jones, Reid said: “I didn’t retire but I just stopped shooting boy-girl p***.

“It was a choice I made on my own but I made that choice because I was lonely and I wanted love and affection and stuff.”

She believes that she was ‘not going to be able to find’ love ‘while performing’ – which is why she’s previously taken breaks from p*** altogether.

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“I’ve dated guys that were like ‘Me or p***?’ and I was like, ‘p*** never gave me this ultimatum, so I choose that,” she concluded.

Reid is now married to free runner Pasha Petkuns, who she shares a young daughter with.

In an Instagram post last year, Reid spoke of her appreciation for her ‘amazing’ husband.

She wrote: “Forever thankful for my newly founded family. I love you and appreciate you endlessly @pashatheboss.

Riley Reid and Pasha Petkuns appearing on What They Don't Tell You with Jordyn Jones
Riley Reid is now married to free runner Pasha Petkuns. Credit: PodcastOne via YouTube

“You’re such an amazing husband to me and an even better father to Emma.

“You’re so present in every moment with both of us and I am so happy to spend every day with you.

“Thank you for choosing me as your wife, best friend and life partner.

“Thank you Emma for being the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I adore and love you more than you’ll ever know.”

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