Taylor Swift Fans Claim To Suffer From Bizarre Health Issue After Attending Concert

Taylor Swift fans have reported suffering from amnesia-like symptoms after attending the star's The Eras Tour.
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Taylor Swift fans have reported an unusual health condition after attending the star’s The Eras Tour.

Swift, 33, is an extremely popular singer-songwriter, known for her chart-topping hits like ‘Love Story’, ‘Blank Space’, and ‘Shake It Off’.

She has won numerous awards including Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards.

However, her fans – known as ‘Swifties’ – have allegedly suffered health complications after attending her latest concerts.

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These fans are said to have experienced significant memory gaps – and struggle to recall certain parts of Swift’s performance, which has left them both surprised and disappointed.

One Swiftie, called Tocatlian, shared her experience of attending the concert and realising she had no memory of Taylor Swift singing the surprise song ‘Better Man’.

She only became aware of it after watching a video her friend had taken.

The fan claimed: “If I didn’t have the five-minute video that my friend kindly took of me jamming to it, I probably would have told everyone that it didn’t happen.”

Tocatlian’s confusion led her to question her friends about which songs were performed.

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This phenomenon is believed to be a result of sensory overload, considering the intense emotions and excitement associated with Swift’s concerts, especially since she hasn’t toured since 2018.

Another fan, Nicole Booz, told TIME that the show was an ‘out-of-body experience’, feeling as though it didn’t actually happen to her.

She said: “[It] felt as though it didn’t really happen to me.

“Yet I know it did, because my bank account took a USD$950 (AUD$1,462, £765) hit to cover the ticket.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift fans have reported suffering from amnesia-like symptoms after attending the star’s The Eras Tour. Credit: Alamy

The condition of concert-related amnesia is not exclusive to Swifties, as there is neurological evidence to support such memory loss.

Dr Dean Burnett, a neuroscientist from Cardiff University, explains that the overwhelming emotions experienced at a concert – surrounded by thousands of passionate fans and listening to music with strong emotional connections – can contribute to this phenomenon.

Robert Kraft, a cognitive psychology professor at Otterbein University, highlighted the discrepancy between the high expectations fans have for their concert memories and the nature of memory itself, which is not a perfect recorder of events.

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Dr Ewan McNay, an associate psychology professor at New York State University, suggested that Swifties could try to control their excitement levels during the concert to improve memory retention.

By reducing excessive jumping, screaming, and other highly stimulating behaviours, fans may have a better chance of retaining clearer memories of the event.

So, Swift’s fans are encouraged to ‘calm down’ and moderate their excitement levels to enhance their ability to recall the details of the singer’s performances.

While the condition of concert-related amnesia may be disappointing for fans, it’s thought to underline the complex interplay between intense emotions, memory formation, and the limitations of human recollection.

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